White German Shepherd Dog (Amazing Facts)

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Are you considering buying or adopting a pet? If it is a dog in your mind, think of a white German shepherd. A white German shepherd is a dog breed with all the traits of a good pet. It is not only loyal to its owner, but it is also a good companion, an active dog suitable for active people not forgetting a good watchdog. This article will give you all the information about white German shepherds, and why you cannot afford to overlook it when deciding to buy a dog.

German shepherd facts

As mentioned earlier, there are so many things to like white German shepherds. Here are some fun facts about them.

White German shepherds physical appearance

To begin with, a white German shepherd resembles a standard German shepherd in almost all ways and traits except its color. A white German shepherd is 24-26 inches tall for the male, and 22-24 inches tall for the female. When healthy and well kept, they can weigh up to 75-87 pounds. It has a white coat with long hair and can sometimes have a feathery look.

When it comes to the eyes of a white German shepherd dog, they are best known to have brown colored eyes. However, there are rare cases of the variation of the eye color where there are some white German shepherds with blue eyes. Many people find this color fascinating and quite unique and end up buying it over the others.

The blue color sometimes extends to their hair color. This is caused by the double blue gene which makes the black color of the coat seem diluted to silver and blue colors. It is also responsible for the color of the eyes.

White German shepherd temperament

White German Shepherds have a very cheerful, friendly and calm personality. They are also very loyal and will do anything to protect their owner. Even though they are very friendly, they develop an aggressive attitude towards strangers, and anyone who they feel is bringing harm to its family. Therefore, with a white German shepherd, you do not have to incur the costs of hiring a watchman. It is a watchdog itself, perfect for your family, best dog breed for seniors and herding your animals.

However, friendly visitors have nothing to worry about a white German shepherd since they are intelligent enough to read the intentions of an intruder. If the visitor means no harm to the dog’s owner, then the dog will stay calm. If otherwise, they will not see the end of it.

White German shepherds are also very playful and like to play with toys, the fetch game and teasing their owners.

Exercise requirements

With a white German shepherd dog, you have no time to lazy around. They are highly active animals who need a lot of exercises. These needs can be met through hiking, jogging, long walks and playing games like Frisbee and fetch.

Failure to meet these needs, it will lead to your dog being bored and as a result destructive. Exercising and playing with your dog will also give you the time to bond with your dog.

Grooming needs

White German shepherd fur sheds like all the time and even gets worse during hot climates. To minimize this, daily hair brushing is not an option. Not cleaning your house is a luxury you lose with a white German shepherd. You will need to vacuum your house regularly to get rid of the hairs.

If you plan to groom your dog yourself, start adopting the practice when they are young so that it will not be a problem as they grow. Trimming their nails is also an integral part of this grooming practice.

White German Shepherd 2

White German shepherd health

Despite them being strong, white German shepherds are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, a hereditary disease common with older white German shepherds.

Allergies are also very common with them, whether they are from the foods, airborne or your fleas. If your family has a history with allergies, be sure to expect more symptoms with a white German shepherd around.

Other problems like eye issues and congenital spine diseases are quite rare. To prevent or treat your white German shepherd, make a regular visit to the vet for checkups and physical examinations.

White German shepherd vs. German shepherd

No great differences are existing between a white German shepherd and a standard German shepherd. The white German shepherd is developed from a German shepherd. The only outstanding difference is its coat color. While that of a white German shepherd is white, a standard German shepherd coat can vary, but in most cases is black. Other traits like height and weight, type of coat, and their temperament and exercise needs are all quite similar.

White German shepherd puppies

White German shepherd puppies solely depend on the type of dog the white German shepherd is bred with. If breeding is between two white German shepherds, then automatically the puppy will be white. If two differently colored German shepherds are bred, then the color of the puppy will depend on the dog with the recessive gene. If the colored breed carries the recessive gene, then the chances of having a colored or white puppy are equal. If otherwise, then the puppies will be colored.

White German shepherds mixed with husky

A white shepherd husky mix commonly referred to as the Gerberian Shepsky is an intelligent, incredibly strong and fearless hybrid with a look of a wolf. There is no doubt that these traits are from mixing the world most liked and brave dogs, the white German shepherd and the husky. It is a new dog hybrid dog with a yet to be established origin. Check also our post on Corgi Husky Mix Breed.

The Gerberian Shepsky is a huge dog, 65cm tall averagely and weighing over 40kgs. Its body is long and powerful with a very heavy coat inherited for its parents. The coat color can vary from blue, black, white, tan or grey.

This hybrid exhibits two types of temperaments, the Siberian husky temperament which is characterized by being docile, friendly and loving to everyone, and that of the German shepherd, which are known to be active, gentle with other pets and around children and a good watchdog.

Breeding the two breeds, you get very intelligent, loyal and friendly dogs who are easy to tame and train.

White German shepherd price

The cost of a puppy bred to be a pet is quite cheaper compared to that bred for show-quality. The average price of a white German shepherd is $750-1200. It is easy for a person buying the puppy to go for the cheap one without considering the breeding conditions. For a quality white shepherd puppy, consider reputable white shepherd breeders who will guarantee good breeding conditions then the price. This will help to minimize behavioral, health and temperament issues with your pet.

White German shepherd adoption an rescue

If you consider bringing a white shepherd pup or dog at home, it is also prudent to think of getting one form the foster homes. Many dogs that are rescued and taken to foster homes are well tamed and trained to have good behavior and are certainly in dire need of a loving family to give them a home.

What is there not to like about white German shepherds? If the above is the definition of a pet that you want, then hurry and get a white German shepherd in the nearest pet shop today.

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