American Bulldog Thrilling Facts You Should Know

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Are you an active human being, looking for just the perfect pet dog for you? Worry no more. An American bulldog is what you are looking for. With the right dog handler and a dog lover, an American bulldog can make a very good companion for any person. It is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever get. To make everything clear here is all you need to know about this breed.

American Bulldog history

The origin of an American bulldog goes back in the 17th century where they used to be colonial dogs. They were used as butchers and in bait contests with other animals like buffalos and bulls. It can be traced from the bulldog that survived back then as the farmers herding dogs in the southeastern areas of the United States.

Initially this dog breed had quite a number of names like the white English, Alabama or the southern Dog but finally, the American bulldog stuck. The dog breed dog did not gain a lot of popularity until the late 1980s.

In the modern days, the dogs have transformed from being herd dogs to being family dogs

There are two major types:

American bulldog Johnson

American bulldog Johnson is one of the well-known American bulldogs. It is also referred to as the bully type or the classic type. Its name, Johnson, is derived from the breeders who came up with them, John D. Johnson. It is a large dog breed with a huge and broadhead.

Standard American bulldog

This American Bulldog is also called the performance type. Like the Johnson type, the standard American bulldog is named after its breeder Allen Scott.

The Second World War, the American bulldog was becoming extinct. Thanks to Johnson and his father, they were able to retain some specimens which revived these breeds. Later on, Johnson and Scott met and started working together after Scott got an interest in Johnson American bulldog.

With a partnership with other breeders, these two were able to breed the American bulldogs and keeping all their records. After some years these two breeders have conflicts which made them go separate ways. This how these two breeds came to be.

To keep these breeds in existence, breeders have bred them to come up with a hybrid. The hybrid was made to have athletic abilities and the temperate of the standard American bulldog and more of the American bulldog Johnson.

American bulldog vs. Pitbull

It is easy to confuse an American bulldog with an American Pitbull. This is due to their extreme similarities in their physical appearances. The fact is that there lies a lot of difference between the two, in terms of temperament, origin, and history.

The major difference is that the American bulldog is from the mastiff family while the Pitbull is from the terrier family. The American Bulldogs are active dogs which thrive well outdoors while Pitbulls do well indoors as long as they have enough room for exercises.

American bulldog temperament

The thought of even having an American bulldog for a pet is very terrifying for some people. This is because of the traditional perception of the dog being involved in violent activities like baiting. What they don’t know is that this actually changed. Actually, an American bulldog is one of the most outgoing dogs you can get and very great attention seekers. A perfect match even for a family with little children.

However, as much as they are friendly, they do not do well with other pets, especially cats. With the right training from the beginning, this should not be a problem.

Being used as a herding dog in the past, the American bulldog is an amazing watch dog. With him in your compound, he will make sure you are aware of any intruder around. In fact, its look does most of the task. An American bulldog does not have a very pleasant look which tends to scare people away. But as mentioned earlier, they are very welcoming, sometimes even to strangers.

They can be notorious at first, but with more socializing, you will definitely come to love the dog. It is a great companion for you especially after a long tiring day at work who like to just lie with you on the couch and help you to relax.

American bulldogs

American bulldog coat and grooming requirements

American Bulldogs have a coat colour ranging from red, brindle, white, tan and fawn. For grooming purposes, there is no need to worry. Due to its smooth and short hair. Grooming entails regular brushing to control the time to time hair shedding. It is also important to clean the folds on its head since they can act as breeding areas for bacteria. It’s also ideal to clean your dog from time to time to when dirt accumulates.

American bulldog training

American bulldogs like to always be the boss. This character can make it a great challenge to train the dog. Training an American bulldog requires a relentless trainer or dog owner who can perform the task consistently without getting tired.

The trainer should be tough enough for the dog to know that he is in charge. For effective training, a calm approach is advisable. Using positive reinforcements and incentives will make the process easier and enjoyable. This will also give you and your dog more time to bond.

In general, though the task may seem tedious at first, an American bulldog can easily be trained since it is active, alert and very intelligent, characteristics gained from them being as herd dogs.

American bulldog exercise requirements

American bulldogs are generally very active dogs. They need adequate time, one or two hours a day, to meet their daily body exercise requirements. They need more time outdoors than indoors. You can also take them for long walks, jogs or chasing balls. This makes the dogs not the best apartment dogs unless the owner I willing to make a commitment to meet its daily exercise requirements.

Fenced farms or rural areas are the best places that suit them.

American bulldog size

Generally, the dod is large with muscular bodies. Its height lies between 20-25 inches tall, they weigh approximately 60-150 pounds.

How long does American bulldog live?

He has a life expectancy of 10-16 years

American bulldog health and nutrition requirements

Like other dogs and pets, American Bulldogs have nutritional requirements. Getting feeds that meet these requirements can be quite troublesome especially with the many products in the market. Before purchasing the food products, it is important to check with a vet for guidance. Some of the factors to consider before purchasing feeds are the age of your pet, allergies they may have, and weight.

American bulldogs feeds should be rich in proteins since they help to keep their muscles strong and healthy. It is also important to set times when to feed your dog in order to regulate the food they eat per day. This will help reduce excessive weight gain which can lead to obesity.

Due to the muscular nature of this breed is susceptible to health problems. Some of these problems are genetic while others are nutritional related. Some of these health issues include hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, deafness, and entropion.

From the above, it is evident that an American bulldog can make an amazing pet. It is a good companion, training mate and also cheap to maintain. Get one from a pet shop today at very affordable prices.

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