Do You Wonder Why Do Cats Knead?

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 Kneading is a typical behavior practiced by all domestic cats. Cats often use their front paws as they alternate between their left and the right paws. They usually knead on pillows, blankets, human beings or even other animals.

When cats get older, some of them will still knead on soft blankets, rugs, and sometimes on the air. People who wonder why cats rub items on a regular basis will be happy to know that it is purely a form of contentment.

It’s always nice to know that your cat is pleased with its current situation. Fortunately, you can knead your cat physically with cat scratcher. Check out the available options of cat scratching in our blog.

Kittenhood Memory Remembrance “Warmth and Comfort”

When adult cats remember the comfort and the warmth they enjoyed during their kittenhood, they tend to knead. They remember those good moments that they used to crowd up their mother’s soft stomach rubbing it with their paws to help make her milk to flow. Kneading makes them feel comfortable while enjoying their past best moments. You need to take it as a compliment when you see your cat rubbing into your body because it is a sign to show that it accepts you and it is incredibly happy and content with you. Kneading is a cat way of expressing its happiness and contentedness. If you carefully observe your cat knead, you will notice that she purrs and drools with a lot of joy.

To Be Comfortable

Kneading also makes a cat feel comfortable. A cat enjoys the act of kneading while feeling safe and secure. An adult cat is most likely to rub when feeling pleased and content.  Unfortunately, kneading can also have some adverse effect on your cat because the more your cat feels happier during kneading, the harder it will dig in with its sharp nails. The more your cat digs, the more it undergoes nail damage that result into pain. However, you can also buy a nail guard to cover your cat’s nail or keep her nails trimmed to protect its nails from damage. Please do not punish your cat for digging because it does not know that it can be hurt.

When Bedding Down

During the early days, the cat ancestors used to bed down on the soft, secure surfaces to provide birth to their young. Cats used to fashion a comfortable spot to lay down in by kneading down leaves or tall grass and leaves.  

Need To Stretch Themselves

Cats usually stretch themselves to maintain blood circulation throughout the body. When your cat is pulling, it exhales all the accumulated Carbon dioxide in the body. A cat enjoys the act of kneading when stretching themselves to the point that they even purr loudly. At times they also close their eyes during the kneading and purring process. The combinations do show that the cat is happy and comfortable.

Before Going Into Estrus Cycle “Going Into Heat”

Female cats usually knead before going into the estrus cycle that is commonly known as “going into heat”.  They rub to communicate to the male cat that they can mate. Kneading is a therapeutic act for cats, and they mostly do it when they are relaxed.

Cats Knead Before They Rest

Cats do knead before their rest. Babies sometimes suck their thumb, snuggle with a stuffed animal, or clinch a blanket as they ease into sleep. Cats purr to comfort themselves and then knead their area to make it ready for sleeping. It is the same as to the way humans fluff their pillow at night.

You also have to know that every cat is different from the other and cats may use other behaviors like blinking, shaking or yawning their paws to express their feelings. Take some time to study your cat to know it better.

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