Spanish Dog Names 100+ Unique & Best Names

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Are you a dog lover and looking for the best Spanish dog names?

Look no further. We have carefully put together the list of the most popular Spanish dog names ranging from male, female, cute and funny Spanish dog names and their meanings. We hope you enjoy!

The Spanish language is beautiful and romantic. Originating in Spain, it is now the primary language of 427 million people in 31 countries around the globe. This makes it the second most prominent language on the planet.

Got a Spanish dog breed? Then you should definitely check this list out.

You should also definitely know the meaning behind a foreign name or word before assigning it to the dog. As by accident, you’ll simply be giving them a foul name!

Keep in mind that simply because it sounds cool to you, it doesn’t mean it’s cool.

Not only are you about to get a great list of male, female, and funny Spanish dog names, but also the meanings.

Male Spanish Dog Names

  • Armando: Soldier
  • Amato: Beloved
  • Burrito: Little jackass
  • Benito: Blessed
  • Carlos: Strong
  • Castel: Belonging to a château
  • Diablo: Devil
  • Devante: Fighter for the wrong
  • Emilio: Winner
  • Esteban: Crown
  • Fidel: Faithful
  • Felipe: Lover of ponies
  • Doohickey: Gadget
  • Galeno: Little splendid one
  • Hendrix: Modern name
  • Hector: Defend
  • Inigo: Unknowing
  • Iago: Supplanter
  • Juan: Gracious
  • Julio: Soft-haired
  • Kapitan: Captain
  • Lobo: Wolf
  • Luccas: White
  • Marco: Warlike
  • Manuel: God is with us
  • Neron: Stern
  • Noe: Peace
  • Oleos: Holy oil
  • Pablo: Small
  • Paco: From France
  • Quiero: Want
  • Quinto: Fifth
  • Rio: River
  • Rico: Noble ruler
  • Santos: Of the holy people
  • Senon: Given life by Zeus
  • Tajo: Day
  • Tequila: Alcohol
  • Umberto: Color of Earth
  • Ulrich: Leader
  • Vicente: Victory
  • Vido: Quick personality
  • Waldo: Ruler
  • Vato: Guy
  • Ximen: Obedient
  • Xizor: Responsible
  • Yul: Past the skyline
  • Yum-Yum: Tasty
  • Zenon: Living
  • Zorro: Hero of the first light

Female Spanish Dog Names

  • Adoncia: Sweet
  • Alita: Noble, kind
  • Bebe: Lively
  • Bonita: Pretty
  • Chiquis: Small
  • Carina: Little one
  • Damita: Little Princess
  • Dulcinea: Sweet
  • Eldora: Covered in gold
  • Elvira: Foreign, genuine
  • Fuensanta: Holy Fountain
  • Felicia: Lucky
  • Gordita: Chubby
  • Gitana: Gypsy
  • Herminia: Lady Of the Earth
  • Hermelinda: Shield of intensity
  • Isleta: Little island
  • Ines: Gentle
  • Jacinta: Hyacinth blossom
  • Juanita: Form of Johanna
  • Kesare: Long-haired
  • Kayla: Crown Of shrubs
  • Linda: Pretty
  • Luna: Moon
  • Laya: Calm
  • Madeira: Sweet wine
  • Melosa: Gentle
  • Nina: Little young lady
  • Neva: Covered in snow
  • Ontario: Lake
  • Odessa: Long voyage
  • Paloma: Dove
  • Pilar: Pillar
  • Querida: Beloved
  • Rosa: Rose
  • Raisin: Serious
  • Savanna: Open plain
  • Sierra: Saw-tooth mountain
  • Tamara: Palm tree
  • Tierra: Earth
  • Ursa: a Little she-bear
  • Ulana: Luck
  • Vito: Lively
  • Vida: Life
  • Winona: First-conceived little girl
  • Xaviera: Bright
  • Xara: Blooming blossom
  • Yomaris: Sun
  • Yadira: Energetic
  • Zerlina: Beautiful Dawn

Funny and Fun Spanish Dog Names

  • Amigo: Friend
  • Amor: (There’s no love like puppy love!)
  • Arco Iris: (rainbow)
  • Besos: (kisses)
  • Bueno: Good
  • Descarado: (Sassy if you have a feisty little pup)
  • Diez: (Perfect ten dog)
  • Dinero: (Dog is worth all the money in the world)
  • Goal: (Pronounced Gooooooooooooooal)
  • Grande: (For the Great Danes out there)
  • Loca: crazy
  • Loco: crazy

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