Mini Poodles – Interesting Facts You Should Know 

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Are you looking forward to getting a mini poodle? You will probably want more information on the pet dog before getting him. Here is everything you could want to know about the dog. The mini poodle is a dog that is very popular worldwide thanks to their intelligent nature. They are ranked second most intelligent dogs. Back in the days, this dog was bred as a hunting companion. It developed swimming skills to help with hunting. Due to its intelligence, the dog can learn tricks very fast. You will see later on this post that the dog became a circus dog since he learns tricks quickly.

The mini poodle is not alone in this family. There are 5 different poodles.

The most common are three:

  • standard poodle
  • miniature poodle or mini poodle
  • toy poodle

The standard poodle is the largest among them all followed by the mini poodle and last the toy poodle. The other two are Klein (Moyen) poodle and the teacup poodle.

Mini Poodles At A Glance

The mini poodle is a royalty dog lovely with a curly coat. He is lightweight weighing at about 15 pounds with a height of 15 inches maximum.

They have a very average lifespan of about 12 to 16 years.

They are great companions and excel in obedience, loyalty, and intelligence. This dog’s appearance is unique such that you can barely fail to notice and identify him. He makes the right pet and can also be a watchdog. Now that we have grown some interest in this dog let us find out more about him.

The History Of Mini Poodles

The mini poodle was not the first of his kind. The family of poodles started from the standard poodle. The poodle, in general, is still not known where they came from. Their origin is still in discussion as to whether they came from Germany or French Barbet. There have been disputes about the origin. An artist drew the first image of the dog from German Albrecht Durer in the 16th century. In about the same period, the French had toy poodles during the time of Louis XVI. The FCI, as well as Germany themselves, recognize that the dog originated from French Barbet. 

The British Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, and the Canadian kennel club, on the other hand, claim that the dog originated from Germany as a duck hunter. This dog breed has given rise to many other smaller breeds such as the standard schnauzer and the miniature schnauzer. This has been done to save them from extinction, improve their appearance and change their sizes. The dog was a hunting dog. They would set out to catch water fouls thanks to their swimming skills. They were good at retrieving and still are. After a while, these dogs were in circus performing in front of audiences. This was made possible by the fast learning ability. They would learn skills and tricks very fast. The miniature poodle is a smaller version of the standard poodle. They are almost similar in every manner with just some slight changes in their appearance and size.

Physical Features Of Mini Poodles

Like I mentioned earlier, mini poodles are gorgeous. They are unique, and you can easily distinguish them from other dog breeds. What makes them stand out is their curly hair. It is lovely and adorable. Another unique feature is they do not suffer from chondrodysplasia. What this means is that they have a square shape, unlike other dogs. Their height is the same as their length. Their uniform shape improves on their athletics. These dogs are very active which makes them able to complete different tasks efficiently.

Another thing that distinguishes them from other dogs is the signature colors. The mini poodle will have one solid color unlike other dogs with a mixture. They may be black, white, Apricot, blue, cream, silver, brown, red, grey, or silver beige. Their coats are large and so most owners will prefer to shorten the hair. You may find poodles with a very unique and different hairstyle. It is up to you to decide what you want.

The Good And Bad Of Mini Poodles

As we know, nothing in this world is perfect. These lovely creatures are also not ideal. They have good and bad. Let’s look at what is good and bad about mini poodles starting with the bad.

The mini poodles require so much attention to their grooming. You will need to groom him every day for a happy and healthy living.

Due to their high energy, they are very active, and you will have to play with him most of the time. He also gets anxious when left alone

The mini poodle has a very high chance of being obese and getting diabetes. You should be very careful with the food you give him.

He is always uncomfortable with loud noises. You should be able to handle such situations.

They also have emotional sensitivity. You can easily ruin the dog’s day by having a bad day yourself and vice versa.

Now let’s look at the good.

It is easy to get the dog with the color you want as they have many coat variants.

They are polite to strangers. This might be due to their timid nature. They will not scare your visitor away.

They are good with allergies. These dogs make a perfect family dog as they are hypoallergenic.

They are easy to love. This is because they always try to impress you. This makes bonding with their owners faster  

Their intelligence makes their training very easy. You will have an easy time teaching him some tricks.

Mini Poodle Temperament

The mini poodle has so many great qualities. All these will make you love him more.

They are active, which means you will have to spend time with him. Play with him to help him get rid of the excess energy.

They are always alert. For this reason, they make good watchdogs. They will bark when they notice an unknown person or sound.

They are loyal. These dogs will never leave your side once they get attached to you. This is true loyalty.

They are non-aggressive. You should not expect a mini poodle to attack simply because they are watchdogs. They are gentle, which is appreciated by most people.

Mini Poodle Health

Health is always a key factor to consider. This is where the mini poodle is poor. Due to his small size, he is attacked by health problems easily. The good thing is, there is always a veterinary. When you notice signs of illness, be sure to rush him to a vet. That way, you can be sure of what to do.

The mini poodle is attacked by epilepsy, Cushing disease, retinal atrophy, bloat, hip dysplasia, and Addison’s disease in the adrenal glands. The most common symptoms for these diseases are seizure, vomiting, lethargy, poor appetite, large potbelly, poor vision, hair loss, frequent urination, crooked walking, major discomfort and pain in the stomach. If you notice any of the symptoms, rush him to a vet.

Allergies And Mini Poodles

Before owning any pet, it is recommended to check on allergies, especially if you are allergic to things. The good news is that, if you want a mini poodle, you can have him because the dog is hypoallergenic. Your allergies are mostly bothered by pet dander, saliva, and urine. With the mini poodle, you will not have to worry about anything.

Owning A Mini Poodle

Here are some of the things you will have to look at when you get a mini poodle.

Give him a lot of exercises to get rid of the excess energy. If you fail to, he will become wild and irritable.

Do not leave him alone for long- The dog loves attention, and he will get anxious when he is left alone for long.

You should groom your mini poodle every day with a brush and also clip him. Take him to a professional groomer every once in a while.

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