Best Dogs For Seniors & Breeds to Consider [The Best Choice 2021]

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People often ask whether age is a factor one needs to consider when buying or adopting a pet. The answer to this question is definitely a big yes. Not all dogs are fit for children and likewise, not all dogs are fit for teenagers, seniors and the elderly. People often buy pets for a companion or other reasons without guidance and later come to have regrets after learning that the pets are not right for them. There is no need to worry anymore. If you are a senior or elderly and looking for a pet, this is absolutely the right place for you. We will give a list of some of the best dogs for seniors that can suit you best indicating clearly their characteristics to make sure you get the right match for you. 

Best dogs for seniors & small dog breeds

Best dogs for seniors are always the small and easy to maintain dogs. Here are some of them to choose from:


Beagles are small, friendly, cheerful, fast and easy to love dogs. Certainly, these are the characteristics of a dog someone would like to keep as a pet. They, however, are not very calm in sight of other household pets and therefore should not be kept near them.

They are easy to maintain since they only need grooming using a quality bristle brush, de-shedding brush, and a horsehair finishing brush to keep the coat clean and tidy. They like physical exercises like walks and daily training which you need to have patience skills on.

Bischon Frise

They are bright, intelligent, lively and affectionate small dogs. They make very good companion dogs they are obedient and always happy around people. To add to that, they are easy to train and love to everyone. They require frequent grooming and regular baths for their well-being. Also, walks play a great role in their health and physical fitness.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is a small, friendly and bright dog.  It is easy to train and adapt to environments quite fast. They are well adapted for city life and are good pets for children. They have a shorthaired coat which is smooth making it to brush and groom. They are the best dogs for seniors.


These are small, cute, friendly and playful dogs which can make great pets for kids. Due to their beauty, Bolognese dogs were used as royal gifts in the Renaissance era. They are also calm and easy to train. They need daily grooming and walks around parks are recommended too.

Cairn Terrier

They are cheerful, busy, and alert dogs that need a firm owner since they have the ‘take over’ characteristics. They have fur which tends to mat, thus, they require frequent hair brushing. Hairs around the ears and eyes should be trimmed regularly. They love walks and training.


Chihuahua is charming, intelligent, friendly, courageous and swift-moving dogs and makes good apartment dogs. They are however not friendly with children. They require occasional coat brushing or wiping off with a damp cloth could serve the purpose instead. A one-month basis bath is also advisable.


They are lovely, obedient and highly intelligent. They are great with children. They make good watchdogs though they have a habit of barking frequently. They do well in apartments. They tend to gain weight very fast hence, the owner should be careful not overfeed them. They shed their fur twice a month and should only bath when it is very necessary.

French Bulldogs

It is a playful, affectionate and very pleasant dog and makes very great companions. They get along with other household pets together with everyone. They are not loud pets and do well in apartments. They require very less grooming and they shed their hair averagely. They love walks but the owner should be cautious since they don’t do great in extreme weather conditions.


It is an affectionate, cheerful, calm, playful and a good companion as it is friendly with people and other pets, they are good watchdogs and do not bark a lot. They love apartment life and active when indoors. They shed little to no fur and are suitable for people with allergies. Their fur should be regularly trimmed and thorough brushing twice a week is commended.

Lhasa Apso

It is a lively, affectionate, friendly, intelligent dog with a strong hearing sense which makes it a great guard dog.  They are too good with strangers and children. They do well in apartments. They do not shed a lot of hair. When brushing its hair, dry shampoo is recommended to prevent its hair from matting. It does not require hair trimming.

Best dogs for the elderly

best dogs for seniors 2Some of the most suitable dogs for the elderly include:


They are very good companion dogs. They are very intelligent and affectionate making them very easy to train. They are suitable for people with allergies. It is the best pet for the elderly.


Pugs are very gentle, lovable and affectionate dogs. They should not be engaged in tiresome activities since they are prone to having breathing problems. They are short-haired hence require minimal grooming. It is the best breed for the elderly.


It is an affectionate more active and alert breed which is great in outdoor activities especially swimming since they have a water-proof coat. They are friendly and a healthy breed hence they are cost effective. It is one of the best dog breeds for older adults.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is a very sociable, playful and friendly can do well in both rural and city setting. It acts as a good guard dog in case of strangers. It loves long walks and moderate exercises.


They are small, loyal and energetic dogs. They are highly nervous hence require more socialization to make them gain confidence. They do well with a range of activities from swimming to walking as they are energetic. It is a good companion dog breed.

Best dog breeds for seniors


One of the best breeds for seniors! Very friendly, playful and energetic dogs. They are easy to train and have good guarding instincts. 

Cocker Spaniel

They are energetic, temperament, charming and loyal dogs. They, however, require a bit more grooming. They are easily adaptable to any environment.

Shih Tzu

It is ideal for apartment life and does well in indoor activities. It is a good companion dog breed that loves to sit on the owner’s lap. Their alert nature makes them good watchdogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

They are loyal, intelligent and good companion dogs since they relish human companion. They, however, can get bossy and their long hair requires more grooming. It is one of the best dog breeds for anxiety.


They are easy to handle due to their lightweight. They are also intelligent and friendly. Though they are energetic, they do not require lots of exercises.

15 best dog breeds for seniors

Here is a list of some of the best dogs for seniors and retirees:

  • Greyhound
  • Golden doodle
  • Mixed Breed
  • Japanese Chin
  • West Highland Terrier
  • Scottish terrier
  • Basset hound
  • Boston terrier
  • Brussels griffon
  • Bulldog
  • Miniature schnauzer
  • Schipperke
  • Teacup poodle
  • German shepherd
  • Italian greyhound

Best Dogs For Seniors pin

Worst dog breed for seniors

Apart from having best dogs for seniors, there are some other dog breeds that instead of providing companionship to the elderly and seniors tend to raise their stress levels to the seniors. These dogs require too much grooming and thus would tire their elderly owners. Others are difficult to handle as they may require extremely long walks from the seniors, who may not be able to fulfill. Some dogs are noisy while others have many health problems, thus require numerous visits to the vet.

Some dogs are aggressive hence harmful to the elderly while others being natural hunters may go hunting and bring their prey to the house, adding up to the maintenance of the dogs. Other dog breeds are stubborn and hence are hard to train.

Some of these dog breeds include;

  • Labrador retriever
  • Pitbull
  • Border collie
  • Jack Russel Terrier
  • Dalmatian
  • Akita
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Dachshund
  • Siberian husky
  • Bloodhound
  • Cane Corso
  • Rottweiler

If you are looking for the best dogs for seniors, the above-listed dogs can be a very good point to start from. The list is giving suggestions on some of the best dog breeds for seniors and those that the elderly can get and also warns on some of the breeds that may be unsuitable for them. If you finally decided which dog to buy, find the great dog name here.

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