Corgi Husky Mix – The Best Family Friendly Pet (Facts)

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Looking for a great pet? Corgi Husky mix is just what you need. Corgi husky mix is a very loving and loyal dog breed. It is the best pet to go for if you need a dog to spend time with. Its calm nature will make you want to sit and cuddle on the couch the whole day. Here are some facts to know about a corgi husky mix interesting to know about.

What is a corgi husky mix?

The corgi husky mix is as a result of a cross breed between the Welsh corgi and the Siberian husky. The parent breeds are known to be herding dogs and great companions. Now, imagine the results of cross breeding these two. It is no doubt that the corgi husky mix has the best characteristics. A Corgi at times has a close resemblance with a German shepherd. They have short legs, erect ears, a rounded face and eyes with an almond shape with black and brown colour.

Embarking on the characteristics and facts about this cute corgi husky mix, let us know a little about some facts about the parent breeds.

The Welsh corgi

Welsh corgi is a herding dog with its origin from Wales. There are two types of Welsh corgi. The Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is the most popular one than the cardigan both of these breeds can be used in breeding.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was brought to the US back in 1933 by the American breeders. It was mainly used to herd cattle and sheep. Their intelligence, devotion and good looks make many people pick them as a pet. They also make great watchdogs due to their alert nature. They are also known as the palace pals of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Siberian husky

It originates from Siberia, Russia. These ones are traced back during the Taymyr Wolf and gained popularity over time. By 1930s, Alaska imported these huskies which were used and sledge dogs during the Gold Rush period. Later the dogs found their way to the US.

They are also herding dogs. They pack animals that love to spend time with other animals and people. They are popular pets for their good looks and friendly nature. They were bred to withstand extreme cold climates. They were ideal for the task requiring heavyweights making them very energetic. They are also known to be very destructive if they don’t find a better way of letting their energy out.

Although cross breeding these two breeds keeps the Corgis from the name American Kennel Club, its parents are definitely a part of this well-known club. The corgis were made part of this group in 1935 and were seen as loyal, good guardians and easy to train dogs with very loud barks. In this AKC group, the corgis were in the herding group of dogs.

On the other hand, the Huskies were known to be the working dogs and had these traits; gentle, alert, friendly and not aggressive. They had better traits for a family dog.

Corgi husk mix coat

Corgis have straight medium length fur and a water-resistant coat. This can be a characteristic inherited from one of the parents or as a result of cross-breeding them. Their coats are generally thick seeing that both the parents have thick coats. This thick coat makes them thrive well in cold environments.

Corgi Husky mix colour

Being a cross breed of two breeds, it makes them have funny and mixed colours they also sometimes tend to take the colour of either of the parents. They are either red, sable, grey, brindle or dark brown. It can be purely the named colours or at times have white markings.

Corgi Husky mix temperament

Corgi Husky mix has a very sweet, playful and tolerable temperament, an easy going friend for both family members and other pets. It is very friendly to friends and even strangers. They are also sociable beings who love to be the centre of attraction. It is a pack animal hence love to be among many people. Also, its alert nature makes it a very good guard dog. When well trained, it is not that noisy. Because of its alert and active nature, it is very easy to train a corgi husky mix.

Corgi Husky mix weight

The corgi husky mix is a medium-sized dog, 12-15 inches tall while standing. Normally, corgis weigh 20-50 pounds. However, this breed is prone to weight gain which leads to obesity. The owner should, therefore, make sure that his corgi is has ample time for exercises. They also enjoy long walks like to play a lot. All these will help keep their weight stable.

Corgi Husky mix health

Corgi Husky mix is very susceptible. As mentioned earlier, they are very susceptible to weight gain. This comes with conditions like obesity, eye problems, skin diseases and hip issues. To curb these problems, it is important to monitor their feeding habits. A corgi owner should feed the corgi with a high-quality diet, rich with chicken liver, coconut oil, rice and sweet potatoes. In general dry foods are the best to maintain good health. He should also make a point of having feeding hours and not feed them whenever they want to eat. Also, avoid buying cheap dog foods which have a lot of wheat and soy content. They will make them gain weight. Cleanliness is another factor to consider especially where they sleep, to prevent skin diseases and parasites.

Also, its long body makes them more susceptible to back issues. To curb and prevent this problem corgi husky mix should be engaged in active activities like exercises, long walks, and lots of games to help stretch their muscles. Give him regular leashes and allow him to wander around freely.

Corgi Husky mix grooming and shedding

Corgi Husky mix is known to be a great shedder, though it varies from one dog to another. Its coat and fur require extensive grooming. Once hair brushing daily is ideal to prevent their fur from kinking and shedding and getting rid of dead hair. Other necessary grooming can include nail clipping, cleaning the ears and teeth and a once in while vet checkup.

How long do corgi husky mixes live?

A corgi husky mix has a lifespan of approximately 12-15 years when taken care of. It is way longer comparing to the lifespan of other dog breeds.

Corgi Husky Mix pin

Corgi Husky mix accessories

To make this beautiful dog breed more gorgeous and fashionable, visit the nearby puppy boutique and buy the accessories. These can be ties, scarves, dog tags, collars, and hair bows. These accessories will give your dog a princess and princess look.

Corgi husky training

Being a people-pleasing type of dog, it makes it very easy to train them. Training them gives the dog and the owner a greater bonding opportunity. Being a part of a herding animal, it gives them an alert trait which is also a great personality in training. Caution should, however, be taken during training to prevent harming people.

This information above shows that the positive traits of a corgi husky mix outweigh its negative ones by a greater percentage. Make it your pet today and enjoy the company.

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