Beagle Puppy Training –
How To Train Beagle Dog [4 TIPS]

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Beagle puppy training should be a nice experience both for you and your Beagle. Beagles are often stubborn and quickly get bored with training, so you must try to make the training an attractive fun for your dog. Prizes and tasty snacks are the keys to success. Using them is the easiest way to motivate Beagle to cooperate. When you train with your dog, speak in a cheerful, gentle tone, and if you feel that you are getting bored and irritated, take a break.

Beagle Puppy Daily Dog Training Schedule

Training should never last too long, a quick 5-10 minute training session every day will give the best results. Additionally, dog training should end with a positive touch.

Dog training should start as soon as the dog appears at home.

Try to notice your puppy’s habits and positive reinforces eg: the puppy always comes to you and sits down if you want him to behave like this – reward him for this, some treat will be an excellent reward. Speak “sit down” when the dog approaches you, and when he sits down, give him a reward. The puppy will quickly associate that sitting is good behavior that you expect from him.

This type of training can be used with any behavior you want to strengthen and which you want to execute on command. Just remember the most important principle – it must be pleasant and fun for the dog.

Beagle Puppy Training pin

Beagle Puppy Training

Dog training can start at the age of 8 – 9 weeks. In this age, dogs quickly and effectively absorb knowledge. It is important that one person performs the entire training. Once the puppy has adopted the commands, you can teach them the whole family. All dogs should learn basic commands…..

What are the 5 basic commands for every dog?

  1. SIT
  2. STAY
  3. DOWN
  4. COME
  5. HEEL

Are beagle puppies easy to train?

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