Purple Parakeets as Pets: All You Need to Know [+Best Tips]

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Purple Parakeets are not demanding pets. They can take care of themselves. However, to make this possible, we need to create the right conditions for them. They require the right cage, proper nutrition, and care. For a long time you have been thinking about buying purple parakeets, but you do not know anything about their nutrition and care?
No worries!
Read the text below and you will learn everything you need to know before buying your parrot pet!  Purple parakeets get their color from extensive breeding. They are very social and friendly which make them great pets. Their diet is not very demanding. Feed your parrot with seeds, fruit, and vegetables. Also, fresh water is necessary.
Complete guide on how to take care of this small creature. 

Purple Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets, also known as Budgies, are beautiful and very friendly. Additionally, they are the most popular parrots to keep as a pet. Find out great name here.

What do you need to know before buying a parrot?

If you want to tame a parrot you need to buy a young animal!!! As young as possible!

A young parakeet is one which is about 5-6 weeks old, which has already left the nest and can eat itself.

How to distinguish a young parrot? Which parakeets are easiest to tame?

Remember, young parrots are easier to tame. So if you want to tame your parakeet it is important to buy a young parrot. Then it will be easier to tame your bird. 

The young parrot has black stripes on the top of his head, bar markings across the forehead. These markings will disappear with older parrots. It is also important to check if we are buying a male or female.

How to distinguish between male or female? 

Parakeets male

Parakeets/budgies have sexual dimorphism. We can easily distinguish a male from a female. (male on the photo above)

If you want to teach your parrot to speak then you must buy a male. Before buying, check the color of the cere. Cere, it’s bare skin between the beak and the forehead. Blue colored cere is a male, every other color female. When it comes to young parrots, we need to look deep into the nasal cavities. If you see a blue color then you are dealing with a male, every other color is a female.

Remember, if we want a parakeet to be a talkative pet, you must choose a male. Learn more about how to teach your parrot to talk!

How to Feed Budgies / Purple Parakeets

When it comes to feeding parrots, one principle should be followed – diversity is the most important thing. Purple parakeets eat mainly grain mixtures, which are available in every pet store. 

However, it is worth reading the contents of the pack. The most suitable products will be those with 80% of the millet species. In addition, parrots love sunflower, corn kernels, oats, as well as weeds, herbs, and grains.


They will also eat fruits and vegetables – carrot, spinach, tomato, apple, broccoli, lettuce, cucumber, pear or cherries. Parrots love grass seeds.

Some breeders also buy vitamin supplements and dietary supplements. Constant access to water is important.

Proper feeding and care are important in order to keep your parrot healthy and live a long life. 

Are purple parakeets friendly?

How long do parakeets live as pets?

Even before buying budgies, it is worth realizing that they are long-lived animals. There are some differences between publications, but we can assume that their average life expectancy is 7-15 years.

However, we must realize that many factors contribute to how long we will enjoy the company of our pupils:

For instance quality of breeding; nutrition of parents and growing parrots; too often breeding and allowing too young couples; quality of maintenance; the right diet; providing free flights; caring for health and treatment of diseases.

Before buying a parakeet it is worth looking for the best breeding because providing birds with good breeding conditions ensures that the young parrots have the best start and the chance for a long life in health.

How big will my parakeet get?

Parakeet also has known as Budgies are small, grows up to 7.5 inches (around 18 cm) in length. Parakeets weight around 28 g.

Parakeets colors

In nature, parakeet occurs only in green (in breeding budgie is genetically mixed giving color for example blue, which is currently the most popular, or yellow, purple. To make a specific color like purple a breeder has to be extremely selective when choosing the right parakeets. 

Parakeets have has many mutations – some have different plumage, others do not have such a long tail, others have no characteristic wavy plumage. Each healthy budgerigar has black eyes, but with age on the iris of deep black emerges more and more of white color – the exception is albino eyes that have red eyes.

Do Purple Parakeets get lonely?

As you know parrots are very social and they look forward to the social time with their owner. Therefore they can feel very lonely when the owner will have to leave them during the day. If you do not have much time to spend with your parrot during the day, consider buying another parakeet just to keep them company. 

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