Can My Dog Eat Salmon? [Cooked or Raw]

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Have you been in a situation where you are having salmon fish for dinner and your dog is there with those puppy eyes and the crying sound and you are asking yourself can my dog eat salmon?

You will probably wonder what to do if you have heard the rumor that dogs should not feed on salmon. I found myself so many times in that situation so I did some research.

It’s true that salmon can be poisonous to dogs, but only in some conditions. Do not feed your dog with raw or smoked salmon. If you consider salmon for your dog’s meal, try canned salmon or cooked salmon. Dogs can eat salmon cooked but won’t get salmon poisoning. Stay tuned to know why and how to cook salmon for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon

I feed my dog very often with canned salmon. It is actually good for dogs. Canned salmon is rich in omega 3 fat, vitamin D, calcium and proteins. Just as these nutrients are important to human beings, they are also important to dogs. These nutrients will improve your dogs’ immunity and ensure your dogs’ coat is healthy and shiny. However, don’t just blindly feed your dog with canned salmon. I came to realize that most canned foods contain a lot of sodium. This sodium can be a threat to an unhealthy dog. My dog is healthy therefore occasional canned salmon isn’t an issue. High sodium increases thirst and more water consumption, increase blood pressure and develop heart disease. Keep your dog healthy and canned salmon won’t be an issue.

Can Dogs Eat Smoked Salmon

Can Dogs Eat Smoked Salmon

Just like raw salmon, smoked salmon might not be purely cured of nanophyetus salmincola parasite and it contains a lot of salts. Your dog might get sodium poisoning. To be on the safe side, try as much as possible not to feed your dog with not fully cooked salmon. You wouldn’t want to risk your dog’s life. My dog once stole a salmon steak from my barbecue. Let’s just say that it is by luck that she is still alive. These days am always very cautious. Whenever you are preparing salmon, Keep your dog away. This prevents a situation similar to mine.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Salmon

You shouldn’t even think of giving raw salmon to your dog. According to the research I was doing, raw salmon fish is infected with Nanophyetus salmincola parasite. This causes salmon poisoning to dogs- the only animals prone to salmon poisoning. This disease is fatal as your dog will lose appetite, have fever, diarrhea, vomit and dehydrate. If not treated early enough, the disease causes death. If your dog ingested raw salmon accidentally, check out for these symptoms. They start to show up in a period of around six days. You wouldn’t want to lose your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Skin

Whether the salmon is still alive or dead at the shores, if your dog just licked salmons’ skin, she risks getting salmon poisoning. I would suggest always keeping an eye on your dog each and every time. You never know what she will come across. So, if your dog gets infected, visit a vet as soon as possible. In the early stages of the infection, your dog can be cured. My dog gets to eat salmon skin only when I have properly prepared the salmon. You might as well adopt the same if you care about your dog.

How To Cook Salmon For Dogs

Poorly cooked salmon is a threat to your dog. It risks having the parasite. I always make sure I cook salmon for my dog myself. That way I am assured of my dog’s safety. Here is how I prepare salmon for my dog. I always choose fresh boneless fillet. Small bones might choke your dog. Therefore, before cooking just take a minute and confirm your fillet is boneless. From there, I roast the fillet with no oil. I prefer roasting but any other way can do. Whether it is grilling, roasting or steaming. Just remember not to add spices. When it is cooked, I just take a small piece and serve my dog. That’s all there is to it. That’s not a lot of work. Don’t cross out salmon fish from your dog’s menu. It is important for your dog’s health. Just make sure you cook it well. 

Well, there you have it. I hope that the question: Can My Dog Eat Salmon? is answered. Dogs can have salmon. As long as it is cooked, it does not have a lot of salt or spices and has no bones. 

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