How To Teach A Lovebird To Talk

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Do you want to teach a lovebird to talk? It will require some work and patience from you. And most importantly, creating a bond with your parrot. Learning can surprise you, it can turn into a fun interaction and can give you a lot of joy as well as your parrot.

How to start to teach a lovebird to talk

Some birds showing great imitative abilities can sometimes repeat a few words without learning. And imitating whistling or ringing comes even easier. However, if you want to achieve really good results in lessons with your pupil, you must do them regularly: every day and at the same time – preferably in the late afternoon.


Of course, we do not start learning words from the first day of the bird’s stay in our home. We give him time to get used to a new environment, get familiar with the surroundings and with ourselves. Only when we observe that the bird is already used to our voice and reacts to it, can we start the first lesson. It would be very useful if the parrot would trust us enough to eat the delicacies from the hand, thanks to which we could reward our pet.


Choose the most convenient time, one that we can practice every day. Parrots are wise creatures and will quickly realize that your meetings are repetitive and will start to wait for them.


We sit comfortably in front of the bird and slowly and clearly repeat the chosen word. We must make sure that the tone of the voice and its intensity are always the same. The parrot will most likely look at us with interest and even with slight surprise. Do not expect that during the first lesson you will hear a sound, at most a mocking screech.


When the lovebird gets tired of watching us and takes care of something else, it means that the exercises for today are over and we will come back to them the next day at a similar time. When, after a few minutes, he turns to us and takes care of food or some toy, it means he is bored.


The bird should link the words you say with the time you devote to him. When he notices that the beloved caregiver pays special attention to him during the issuance of some sounds, he will try to imitate them, and if he meets with our positive reaction he will do it more often.


You must be really patient, but peace and consistency will definitely pay off.

The first word you will probably hear quite unexpectedly. Not at all during the lesson. Trying to attract your attention when he feels abandoned, he will try to pronounce the word that we have taught him. He remembered that during the lesson we devoted the most attention to him. Therefore, he would demand that we finally come to him and continue to learn.

Over time, it will be easier for your lovebird to learn new words, without additional lessons, to repeat the words, melodies and sounds heard at home. However, we should not give up the lesson.


A great method to teach your parrot to speak is also being together in the same room with your parrot as often as possible.  For example, when you wash dishes or watch TV, take it with you to spend as much time with her as possible and build a strong emotional bond. With a parrot close to you, you can talk to her, teach her various simple words. Parrots are vocal beings by nature, so after some time they can start imitating you.

A talented parrot is able to remember even a few hundred words, as well as entire phrases and sentences. In many cases, lovebird can associate them with specific situations, giving the impression that he really understands human speech (eg. screams “good morning” when we enter the house).

However, be careful, because the bird with amazing ease also learns the obscene words and easily can discredit us from friends.


When buying a parrot, we take responsibility for this beautiful bird. It can not happen that we do not have time for it and make the poor and innocent parrot unhappy. If, however, and above all, we do not have time for the bird: let’s buy him a partner. Without being afraid that he will go wild: he will not. Only a new bird will not be as much attached to us as the first, because from the beginning new parrot will have a life companion.

Faster, faster – say something!

Now you know how to teach a lovebird to talk. Some pet stores sell preparations that apparently improve the language skills of parrots. Do not believe it. Only patience will allow you to achieve the desired results.

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