How to choose large bird cage for your friend?

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Pick the best large bird cage for your parrot – guide!

Have you ever been asked by a friend or someone close to help out in choosing a suitable large bird cage and you were like umm! I don’t really know about bird cage. Or probably you knew you have little or no knowledge of the subject matter but still decided to advise anyway. You should know the outcome of such formulated advice might not be fully beneficial to the individual. But fortunately, this piece will be enlightening you on how to go about making the right decision in choosing a small or large bird cage for your friend or even for yourself.

Different bird’s species

It happens that humans have a wide variety of bird’s species they keep as pets. And aside from having birds such as parrots, cockatiel cage, dove, macaw, sparrow and the likes as pets, you would be surprised that some individuals go to the extent of having hawks and eagles as pets; that might seems a little extreme, right? But it all comes down to the degree of fondness between the bird and the owner. Nevertheless, having birds in one’s possession or thinking of how or what to feed them are of lesser concern compared to having the right bird cage to put them in; as you know not all birds can be left hanging freely around, else that is a goodbye to them.

This segment of the write-up will equip you with relevant information that would help put you on the right track in making the concerns you may be having in choosing a birdcage of no issue for as you. And probably your friend is the type that desire to have more than one species of birds; it is not ideal to put them all in a cage. However, this piece would as well share with you different types of bird cages that can very much be used as parrot cages, budgie cages, parakeet cages, and macaw cages among others. However, before we move down to the type of bird cages, it would be immense importance to first go through what to look out for when you are about choosing a bird cage.

Vital nuggets in choosing a bird cage

1)    Appropriate Cage Size

Irrespective of your desire for a small or large bird cage, you must first consider the size and convenience of the bird(s) that would be staying therein. Any bird cage you want to settle for must at least have enough space for the bird to flap its wings and also move around. Remember that caged birds won’t have the privilege of going outside to feed or excrete; this why it’s important to consider the convenience of the bird before picking a cage for it.

2)    Quality of the birdcage

For those that desire to, or already have a large bird cage, the probabilities of situating it outside your apartment are high compared to putting it inside. Then imagine the cage start falling apart and getting rusted due to frequent rain, dew and sun rays that come in contact with it. This means you will need to incur extra cost in repairing or replacing the bird cage if you don’t want to lose your bird(s).  So, this is why you need to verify the durability and overall quality of the materials that make up the birdcage before buying.

3)    Cage Shape

Different birds perform different forms movement in cages and if you have noticed, birds like parrot or Owl don’t go flying around in the cage compared to birds like a sparrow among other species of smaller birds. So, it is preferable to go with birdcages that have longer and wider space for the birds to have some level of freedom.

4)    Bar Spacing

Have you ever heard of a bird getting caught in-between cage bars? You would be surprised that it does happen. Lookout for a bird cage that won’t allow your bird’s neck, wings or beak to get stuck as it may result in serious injury or death for the bird.

5)    Bar Orientation 

Parrots among other types of birds like climbing with their beak and legs. This is why you need to get a parrot cage that has horizontal bars. To enhance parrots fun-filled climbing and as well protect them from getting stuck.

6)    Ease of Maintenance

Whether you intend choosing a small or large bird cage, you need to consider which type will aid the convenient cleaning and maintenance of the cage.


Having small birds residing in Large Bird Cage is quite alright depending on your budget and space to situate the cage. However, it is not ideal to put big birds in a cage that doesn’t fall under the categories of a large bird cage. For this purpose, there are different types of a large bird cage that you can try out and they are as follows:

The above-listed forms of a large bird cage. However, tend to possess different specifications and designs depending on the company constructing them. So, if you have the cause to help in choosing a suitable small or large bird cage, do right to utilize the content of this write-up in making that a satisfactory decision in choosing a suitable small or large bird cage.

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