How to Teach Parrots to Talk [5 Proven Tips]

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Are you wondering how to teach parrots to talk? So read this article!

Birds like any other type of pet are friendly creatures that could bring complete happiness in homes. Owning a parrot alike could bring true happiness if associated with them in a friendly manner. Unlike other pets, parrots are believed to have sharp intelligence. They are able to mimic the words and phrases they hear from their owners, isn’t that funny? However, to enjoy this unique aspect, you will need to learn how to teach parrots to talk and get them saying every bit that excites you.

Like other pets, there are different types of parrots, with each of them exhibiting unique traits from another. As a result, you will find some parrots that talk more than others. But the bottom line is, every kind of parrot has the ability to talk. But this is directly influenced by how close and patient you are with your parrot. If you are looking to getting your bird to be a talker, I have outlined effective tips on how to teach your parrot to speak.

Become its friend if you want fast results

The key to your parrot learning how to talk heavily depends on your relationship with it. Parrots get stressed when they are taken to new homes. However, you could establish friendly relations with your pet by providing them with some basic conditions, such as;

  1. Keep them in cages that are large enough for movement. These cages should be equipped with whatever the parrot needs.
  2. Parrots love illuminated and heated places. Therefore keep its cage in warm, well-lit spaces.
  3. For healthy bonding, never leave the parrot alone. Having members move around its cage will give your parrot an opportunity to hear you talk. Similarly, if other family members will befriend it, it will help them integrate well.

After some weeks, you will learn that your parrot interacts more with you. Eventually, you will become great friends.

Here are effective tricks on how to teach parrots to talk.

There’s no particular method you could use to train your parrot to speak. However, I have outlined some advice below that would help teach your parrot to talk.

Provide training sessions for your parrot:

One of the fastest ways that would help your parrot capture some words is spending some time with it. For better results, spend about 10-15 minutes per session to avoid boredom. You can start with single words initially, then proceed to teach your parrot long phrases or a combination of words.

Associate your words with the time of the day:

Fortunately, various times of the day have specific words. Use this to your advantage. For mornings, you could use good morning, off to work, goodbye etc. your creativity plays an important role here with whatever it is you want your parrot to learn. But here’s the kicker: repeat each of these words under same conditions.

Entice it to learn by giving it rewards:

Motivation is a great deal when it comes to learning. If you are just learning how to teach a parrot to speak, give it fruits or their favorite diets when they learn something new. This way, they will be motivated to learn more.

Talk as much as you can to your parrot:

If you want to have an amazing talking parrot, talk, sing songs and tell it things as much as you can. With time, they will respond to you with words they already know or have learned.

Be patient but persistent with your parrot:

There are no specific time periods when your parrot will learn how to talk. Some take shorter periods than others. Therefore, you will have to be patient with it before they can become an excellent chatterbox.

Using the above tips on how to teach parrots to talk will enhance your relationship with the parrot and establish a connection that facilitates how they learn without pressure. Most importantly, keep reminding the parrot words they already know. The odds are your parrot will not forget!

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How to Teach Parrots to Talk

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