Do The Australian Shepherd Get Along With Cats? [Answered]

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Do Australian shepherds get along with cats? It is a great concern to have dogs and cats in the same room. You never know what will happen. One of these pets will trigger a fight, and what comes after is not that pleasing.

As we know, Aussies are very great dogs to have, they have a good temperament, and they have a good relationship with humans. The question is, do they transfer the same relationship they have with humans to cats or other pets?

Well, in this post, we shall understand more about an Australian shepherd’s temperament how they behave among other cats and pets.

So, do Australian shepherds get along with cats? 

Well, most of the time they will get along. Some times they don’t because all Aussies are different. The cats may also be hard-headed and fail to appreciate the presence of a dog. The dog may also be terrified of the cats and if the cats notice this, they will try to torment the dog. Every case is different, but most importantly, after some time, most of them will get used to each other.

The issue of cats and dogs living in the same house is very concerning if your Australian shepherd does get along with your cats well and right. What if they don’t. What should you do? Stay tuned and learn some tricks to make them appreciate the appearance of the other.

Do Australian Shepherds Like Cats?

Do Australian Shepherds Like Cats

It is common knowledge that cats and dogs are enemies from long ago. Although this is the case, not all dogs hate cats, and not all cats hate dogs. It depends on their temperament and the first impressions of each other. When a cat and a dog get along with each other, they become perfect friends and they will always look out for one another. It’s funny that they even cuddle. Australian shepherds are known for their good temperament. Most of the time, they will have no problem staying in the same house with cats. The percentage of Aussies that will get along easily with cats is about 48%. 19% of Aussies hate dogs and they will growl and bark at cats. They may never even look at the cats. The remaining percentage of Aussies can swallow their pride. With a proper introduction and a bit of training, they will learn to get along. What matters the most is how you introduce the 2 pets together.

Do Miniature /Mini Australian Shepherds Get Along With Cats

Mini Australian shepherds are very small to cause any chaos. They are very playful, and most of the time, they will need a friend to play with. With this being the case, they will strive to make friends. They have a very temperament and they will get along with older dogs, cats, and other smaller pets as well. They will get along with kids of every size. These mini Aussies are the pets everyone should look forward to having. They are not dog-aggressive. They like to have some company around. You should not think of leaving them alone for a long time. They will get anxious. This is the reason you need to get him/her a play partner. It may be your kid, other pets or even cats. These dogs are very playful like I said, and they need a lot of exercises. The more reason the dog needs a partner. They are very well behaved so you should not worry about the dog hurting others.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Pets?

This dog is known for its good character traits. They are obedient, and they are good watchdogs, they are easily trained. They even serve as police dogs. They like to play with children.

These dogs are energetic, and they do herd cattle as well. They are great family dogs. So, do they get along with other pets? Well, they do very well. They need much exercise to get rid of excess energy. If you have no time to exercise him, get another pet and let them play together. If this dog is not kept busy or stays locked, he will get destructive which is not good. Some of them will get along with other pets while some will not. It is better for those Australian shepherds that need companions around. You will be saved a lot of time.

This dog is very energetic and destructive at times. Therefore, you should be very wise when introducing a new pet to him. 70 percent of these dogs are good with other pets and if they don’t appreciate them, they will get used to the fact that there is another pet around. These dogs are easily trained which makes it easy for them to adjust and adapt.

What To Do To Make Aussies Get Along With Cats

It is impressive to see your dog and cat get along. It gives you some ease of mind. You don’t have to worry about fights now and then. If your Aussie does not get along with your cat, here are some methods you can employ to see if their differences are eliminated. The easiest way to do this is by rewarding their efforts. This is some encouragement. This should work for most dogs and cats.

The first step is to sit down on the floor and call each pet individually and give them a treat. Be sure to stay between them so that they don’t start fighting. If you notice some rebel, don’t force it. Making them friends can take some time. Do this until they are comfortable being around each other.

This process aims to make them do things together. When they are used to seeing each other, the tension will have been eliminated. Play with the two together. This will make them bond together. Do this until they feel comfortable being close to each other. You can now let them alone in the same house. If you notice them doing something together, reward them with some treats. This is the best way to introduce your cat and dog together. Not only cats and dogs but also other pets.

In conclusion

Aussie and cats are friendly pets to have especially when they get along well. You will have some pride in yourself. You were able to unite two different species that are known to be enemies. From research carried out, 22 Australian shepherd owners were asked if their dogs got along with cats. This was done because all dogs are different which is the rational thing to do for realistic results. This would, therefore, provide an excellent estimate of what is expected. It turned out that most Aussie dogs got along with the cats. A little percentage did not. Some of the cats were aggressive, at times the dogs. Some times the dog would be scared of the cat and vice versa. This shows that the two can get along. If they don’t, you can employ the method above to help settle their differences. It is easier to introduce the two species when they are little. It will be easier to control them.

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