How To Train Your Cat
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Are you thinking about training your cat? Perhaps looking for the favorite ways on how to train your cat?

Well, here is all you need to know about training your cat to become a good pet.

First, we would say, it is quite challenging to train your cat to adopt specific behavior and character traits. In most cases, training is done for material gain in competitions. With time, this has changed.

Training is now being done to enhance coexistence of cats and people under the same roof. It nurtures or modifies a cat’s behavior for the sake of companionship. It mitigates unwanted and problematic behavior for better interaction.

These problems include hostility, biting and kneading and also careless defecation. In this article, our focus will be on various training habits you can follow for your whisker friend.

Are Cats Easy To Train

Cats are naturally intelligent. It’s not a wonder that even an untrained cat knows what certain objects are for. For example, a box of sand triggers its instincts.

If your cat stumbles across a sandbox as it roams the house, it automatically discerns it as a toilet. That’s just a bunch of the many surprises your cat will give you.

You can now imagine how little of training you need to help it use a toilet and not the sandbox.

Did you know that cats are naturally likely to go to bathrooms, sand, and dirt? You can use these facts and a little more effort to tune their behavior.

So, YES cats are easy to train although they are independent-minded and sometimes it is not easy to make them perform an action.

How To Train Your Cat (Never Punish Your Cat)

Cats are intelligent animals. They can be trained to react to commands. It’s actually fascinating how easy it bears fruits if you twist all the right knobs.

First and foremost, never punish your cat. Just like human beings, cats also experience stress. This may cause drastic changes in their behavior and health. With stress, the appetite of your cat is bound to reduce. Sometimes it won’t eat at all.

In the long run, this may lead to health problems due to weak immune and starvation. That said, you have to be patient and optimistic at all times. It’s obvious that cats aren’t as intelligent as people thus the need to give them time to learn.

Get A Clicker And Treats

A clicker is an object that basically produces a click sound. You can use this sound to create a reflex in your cat’s behavior.

It’s simple, you need to make that sound accompanied by the command you want your cat to learn. Also, use treats to motivate your cat. Treats have statistically proved to be imperative in training of any animal.

With time, your cat is able to relate the click sound with the command you have taught. Every time your cat gets it right, reward it with treats.

It’s not necessarily that you use a clicker, a regular pen with a click switch can be helpful. Every time you cat obeys a command hears a click and is treated, it learns faster.

How To Train Your Cat To Sit

How To Train Your Cat To SitI’m a huge fan of cats and I wanted to know how to communicate with mine.

I had to start with the most basic, sitting down. After some research, I realized it’s quite easy. Place your cat on the table on the closest edge to you. Rub its cheek for relaxation and capture its attention by calling its name and telling it to sit in a gentle way. Take a treat over its eye level and directly above its head.

This makes sure the cat will sit so as to gain a good position of biting the treat. As soon as it sits, says its name accompanied by “sit”. Repeat this and it won’t be long until your cat understands this command.

How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet

How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet

This sounds tricky but really isn’t. Cats know how to use boxes filled with sand as toilets. Use this attribute to tune it to use a toilet. You need to take the sandbox to the toilet. After some time, take the box closer and closer to the top of the toilet seat.

At some point, you will need to use a stool. Now place it the same level as the toilet seat with each time taking it closer to the toilet basin. When your cat learns this, use a flushable sandbox and place it inside the toilet basin and let your cat learn to use it there.

Reduce the litter in the box until the cat learns to use the box without litter. Now remove the litter box entirely.

How To Train Your Cat Not To Bite

How To Train Your Cat Not To BiteCats naturally bite in defense. You can counter biting while playing.

You can try the clapping method.

When your cat bites you, clap your hands then say NO. You don’t have to shout as it may scare it away. Repeat this whenever it bites you.

You can also try ignoring the cat whenever it bites you. Stand up and walk away every time it bites you.

Let it stay alone in a room for 10-20 minutes. Repeating this process makes the cat relate biting to loneliness with time.

Cats hate loneliness so it will just quit biting.

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