Russian Bear Hunting Dog [Complete Guide]

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It’s Time You Buy The Russian Bear Hunting Dog For Your Home Protection

Well, here is some exciting information you should know about the Russian bear hunting dog. If you have to keep a dog in your home for protection, then your bet is as good as mine that the Caucasian Shepard dog is the best guard. In this article, we are going to look at some verifiable details about this dog breed that makes him the best loyal, and fearless of all other dog breeds!

Since they are also known as the Caucasian Ovchark, they were developed originally from the Caucus Mountains where they were used to guard herder’s flock. Their genes originate from the pre-historic Molosser breeds, whose also primary goal was to provide protection to their owners, and other domestic animals, away from thieves and predators. This dog breed became popular in Russia early 19th C, being named as the “Ovchark” meaning the “sheepdog”.

If you are a dog lover, you will certainly fall in love with the Russian bear hunting dog at first site. The breed’s physique and masculinity make the Ovchark one of the largest dog breeds. His willingness and intimidating physique are impressive to its owners but not for first-time owners. they are hard to train but with an expert dog service, you will find training them an easy course.

Let’s look at some of the Russian bear hunting dog characteristics.

If you are thinking about keeping the Russian bear dog, you will require a lot of space where it can play. Here are some of his physical attributes;

  •    25 – 30 Inches Tall
  •    About 45 – 70 Kgs heavy.
  •    Lives between 10 and 15 years.
  •    Are in a variety of colors; White, Fawn, Grey, and Black.

Their origin is best cited from Georgia, North Caucasus, Armenia, and Russia. If you fancy a large furry dog, there are lots of stores where you can look for a Russian bear dog price and consider buying one.

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Here’s the deal about the Russian Hunting Dog personality.

Other than the fact that the Russian bear hunting dog is used for protection, it has great personality compared to other dog breeds. It’s is predominantly courageous, hardy, brave, assertive and alert.

Furious and Aggressive

This dog breed is highly restless whenever its suspicious about anything arousing his attention. When other dogs approach the Caucasian Shepard dog, it’s usually furious and aggressive. Moreover, they are friendly to people they know especially family members of its keeper. They are known to be affectionate about kids, and you will most likely find them playing with kids.

Due to their aggressiveness, it’s recommended that you hire an expert dog trainer, who is experienced in handling large pet dogs. This is the reason why you will find the Russian dogs used in prisons to be larger breed dogs.

When they are angry, they are likely to bite. This is why I will emphasize expert behavioral dog training to enhance your relationship with your dog.

Health Problems

Like any other type of pet dogs, the Russian bear hunting dog is prone to health problems. Some are genetic while others are as a result of their exposure to harsh environments. They are known to be the most healthy among other dog breeds but prevalently affected by cataracts and hip dysplasia. To avoid much disposition to health issues, it is important to exercise them on daily basis and give them plenty of water.

Here’s the bottom line,

The Caucasian Shepard dog is one of the best dog breeds you could keep in your home. Herding has long been overtaken by time, use the Russian bear hunting dog for protection and guarding your home. Read more about: best organic food for your dog and automatic pet feeder.

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