The Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box
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You probably have all the love for your cat, dog or any other furry friend, but cleaning their poop puts you off. The need for efficient and effective cleaning becomes crucial. The use of the litter box has been used for decades now. However, to improve on sanitation, the need for cleaner and healthy boxes has equally increased. A self-cleaning litter box eliminates the need for you to touch or get into direct contact with the unsanitary accessories. Similarly, the litter box will eliminate the smell and odor around your home.

Living with a pet requires lots of care and handling for the pet. However, cleaning also plays an important role in pet care routine. From cleaning their house to grooming the pets themselves, you will need specific accessories. This includes detergents, scratchers, litter boxes and others. In this article, we will focus on the fine details about the use of a self-cleaning litter box.

Choosing an effective self-cleaning litter box

Are you confused on choosing the right self-cleaning litter box? Well, in this article we will outline some of the best self-cleaning litter boxes. Most importantly, we focus on accessories that both you and your pet will love. Unlike traditional litter boxes, the self-cleaning litter box is an automatic accessory. They are much quieter and efficient too. Depending on your budget, you should find the perfect equipment for your pet. Below is a discussion of what you need to consider before buying any particular self-cleaning litter box;

6 Great choices of the best self-cleaning litter box

In this section, we have a list of the best choices of litter boxes that most pet owners fancy. Below, is a great deal of self-cleaning litter box reviews;

  1. ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning litter box

This type of litter box is popular for a variety of reason. It exhibits a covered self-cleaning litter box for effective odor control and maximum privacy for your cat. Moreover, they are popular for their durable and unnecessary cleaning for at least one week. ScoopFree Ultra self-cleaning litter box is designed to absorb urine into the leak-proof lining which makes cleaning super easy.

Most importantly, it has an adjustable timer with three options, which resets once your pet enters or leaves the litter box. This way, the litter can be raked into the waste retention compartment easily, while also preventing lots of litter getting tracked out of the box.

2. CatGenie Self-flushing and cleaning litter box

This is one of the world’s best cat self-cleaning litter box with self-flushing attributes. It provides effective germ, litter, dust, and odor free litter waste cleaning. It is designed to automatically clean, wash, sanitize, and dry itself. This fancy litter box does not require you to touch or buy litter boxes regularly.

CatGenie Self-cleaning litter box is an advanced system with washable granules that can be used for over two months. Emphatically, this type of litter box has adjustable cleaning setting for multiple cleaning. It is equipped with a cartridge that holds up to over 120 washes of extensive use.

3. LitterMaid Self-cleaning Litter Box

This is a special type of self-cleaning litter box that offers convenient and exclusive cleaning needs. It is equipped with a removable litter tray, sealed waste reservoirs, extensive battery backup, and four carbon filters. Each of these aspects provides a healthy cat’s environment.

When you have small living spaces, the LitterMaid Self-cleaning Litter Box is a great choice since it measures 14” by 17” however, large enough for multiple household pet use. Finally, it has paw cleaning abilities that reduce litter spread out of the box. These attributes should certainly make you decide on the best self-cleaning litter box for your cat.

4. PetSafe simple cleaning automatic litter box system

This is an innovative, and automatic self-cleaning litter box that allows cleaning throughout the day. It is designed to make quiet and slow-moving bowl which allows constant cleaning. Most importantly, it has attributed to automatically clean itself on an hourly basis by sifting out the litter into the waste bin.

However, PetSafe simply cleaning automatic litter box system is exclusively suited for cats with 15 pounds of weight or less. On the flipside, this system requires regular cleaning to enhance its efficiency.

5. Omega Paw Self-cleaning Litter box Regular

This is an ideal cat self-cleaning litter box that does the cleaning in seconds without you scooping the waste. It is specifically designed for both large and small cats. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective litter box that does not require electricity or water to clean itself. You only have to roll it and let it clean itself. For more info on how this accessory works, check out here.

6. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

Like mentioned earlier on the benefits of choosing a covered litter box, the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat litter Box provides maximum privacy for your cat. Moreover, they are most suitable for odor control in your home. They are enhanced and fitted with carbon filters to get rid of the smell effectively. Measuring 22” by17” by 18” it is suited for both small and large cats.

Uncovered or covered automatic litter box

These are one of the basic traits to consider when choosing your litter box. If your pet or you as the pet owner requires privacy, then a covered litter box is a perfect choice. Since these accessories are automatic, they are designed to remove the litter in the box within 5 to 10 minutes after your pet leaves the box. For this reason, you will need to contain the litter as well as the smell in this time frame. Conversely, an uncovered self-cleaning litter box can also be a great choice especially when you are on a tight budget.

Self-flushing litter boxes

These are a special type of litter boxes, most efficient for eliminating bad smell and odor. Flushing litter boxes offer greater sanitary aspects. Usually connected to your water line and sewer line within your household. As the name suggests, they will automatically drain the litter. Even though the initial set up and buying are relatively higher, they are one of the best automatic litter boxes.

Motion sensors on your litter box

To effectively clean your home as well as pet litter, buying a self-cleaning litter box with motion sensors is vital. Such an accessory will sense when your cat enters or gets out of the litter box. This way, the litter will be raked into the litter reservoir in the least time possible. When you have more than one cat in your home, finding one with motion sensors will be a great choice. Often, they have adjustable settings on when to clean themselves.

Other aspects to consider…

There are different considerations to make when buying your next self-cleaning litter box. Other aspects to consider include size, battery, and ease of use. Most importantly, when you have large breed pets, you will find a perfect best self-cleaning litter box for large cats.

In conclusion,

Self-cleaning litter boxes are designed to put away one of the most common problems associated with owning a pet. The disgusting and unpleasant handling of cat waste has been reduced to make leaving with your pet enjoyable. Depending on your needs, there is a variety of self-cleaning litter box perfectly suited for your specific cat and sanitation. Consider the information in this guide to choose the right litter box, one that will offer you the best experience possible.

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