Cat Scratcher – 5 Best Options For Your Cat

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How to help your kitty keep its claws in healthy condition with best cat scratcher!

Cats love scratching. Scratching is natural, normal an healthy behavior of your cat. Doing this they sharpen and smooth their claws. Unfortunately, this natural instinct of your pet can ruin your sofa, chair or carpet. But you can save your furniture with this equipment.

1. Wall Mounted Scratching Post

Cat scratching on walls, door frames or other vertical surfaces? You need to install at home Wall Mounted Scratching Post. It will allow your kitty to scratch and stretch into an upright position. The best solution is to mount it near the places when your cat usually scratches. As standard, each post includes adhesive stainless steel hooks for easy mounting or metal braces to fix it to the wall. Usually, it is created with natural sisal, therefore, it is environmentally friendly and furthermore durable

2. Scratchastic Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Scratchastic Cardboard Cat Scratcher can be reached with different shapes, colors, and design. A lot of cat scratchers come with Japanese HelloKitty or others patterns. When you have a cat and also children this Hello Kitty pet accessories can be placed at your children place when the family cat comes to make fun and play. Scratchastic Cardboard Cat Scratcher can help to protect your furniture as well. It helps to keep your cat claws trim. Cat scratcher is completely safe and is made with high-quality sisal scratcher.

3. Scratch ‘n’ Play

Save your sofa and give your cat something they can get their claws into. Scratch ‘n’ Play is a lightweight and very durable scratch pad, designed to encourage your cat to scratch and claw. It is lightweight so you can easily hide it when you have visitors. The cat scratcher is also a great fun & play toy for your cat additionally acts on cats natural instinct to hunt and scratch.

Great compact solution. Comes together with hideaway, upper platform bed and sometimes with a ball on the rope toy. Quality finishing with top-selection of fabric. The special shape of scratcher makes it possible to place it in the corner to avoid cluttering up your living space.

5. Dog-Shaped Scratching Post

The dog-shaped scratching post for cats was designed by Erik Stehmann. Brilliant idea as the post can be a nice decoration of your place and also great therapy tool for your cat. (because of its DOG shape, your cat to take revenge on the enemy without the fight:) Post is both fun and functional.

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