Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

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Most cats are known to hate water, but there is always that one or two that make an exception. Some cats like the Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Bengal, the American Shorthair, etc. do enjoy the cooling effect of water. You will find them playing with water and sometimes drinking from a dripping faucet. Some will spill water from their bowls and also take laps in the pool. The question now remains. Are the Russian blue cats’ part of that on or two exceptions? Let us find out. 

So, do Russian blue cats like water? 

I have a Russian blue cat that enjoys water a lot. She loves to play with splashing water so much that when it is raining, she never hides from the rain. Most cats will find shade and wait until the rain is gone, but my Russian blue cat is very different. At times, she dips her feet in the water and licks her paws. Maybe it is her way to stay hydrated. 

I think my Russian blue cat is among the one or two exceptions but do all Russian blue cats like to play in the water? Stay tuned.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Play In Water?

Well, I think this is a preference thing and not a breed thing. I have heard people complain that their Russian blue cats are terrified of water. They cannot even dip their feet in water which is entirely the opposite of my cat. You will only find them in the water when drinking from a water bowl. Some will only enjoy the water when it’s splashing because this gives them a chance to play while some will only enjoy the water when they are in a playful mood. So, as I said, this is a preference thing. 

Do Russian Blue Cats Drink Water?

All cats will drink water. Water is life, and all mammals drink water to stay hydrated. When cats are small, they will enjoy milk more than water but these changes as they grow when they start to appreciate water more. This is past the kitten stage. My Russian blue cat will drink water more often when she is playing with water. This is very useful in her body. I was reading some articles and found out that milk is not suitable for most cats as we assume. Water is their source of life, just like human beings. Most of their body weight is made out of the water, which makes 60 to 70%. Cats are bound to forget hydrating their bodies which is normal, and Russian blue cats are no exception.

For this reason, you should make it your obligation to ensure they hydrate. The first thing is to ensure that you place water bowls all over the house and purchase a pet fountain. This will lure him into drinking water. Something else you can do is to add some water to their food. Doing this will save your cat from health issues, so make it your priority. 

Other Cat Breeds That Like To Play In Water

Well, apart from the Russian blue cats, let us find out some other cat breeds that love to play with water. 

The first on the list is the American shorthair who is so much attracted to playing with water. She will make a lot of mess as she scoops water from her water bowl, and she will also follow you in the shower for some bath. 

The next is the Turkish Van. This breed is even known as the swimming cat. There is a story behind this name, but that is for another day. This cat uses water to cool himself, and they will swim in shallow waters. 

The third on our list is the Bengal. This breed will join you in the bathtub. They enjoy seeing floating objects. 

The other cat breed that is up for water play is the Turkish Angora. These cats are excited by the sound of water. Water is a good way for them to kill boredom. They will splash water all over without minding the mess. 

The next is the Maine coon. This breed will drink water from her paws. If you own a Maine coon, remember to leave your toilet bowl closed, or else your cat will show you how a pool party is done. 

The last on the list is the American Bobtail. This cat-like to dunk objects in the water. They enjoy playing with water so much.


How Long Do Russian Blue Cats Live For?

With proper care, the Russian blue cats can live long lives of up to 15 to 20 years. This breed will appreciate it if you stick to a particular routine. They don’t do that well with change. Keep them safe and healthy, and they will live full long lives. 

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along With Dogs?

The Russian blues are very friendly cats and gentle with kids. They make great family members, and getting along with other pets is not an issue for them. They will get along with dogs that are not violent and trained to attack the cats.

Are Blue Russian Cats Rare?

The Russian blue is not rare at all. They can easily be found in big numbers. These are not the only cats with a blue coat. The Korat and the British shorthairs have blue coats as well. Please check out our blog on 12 popular cat breeds.

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