Hawaiian Cat Names +150 Cool Names
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I have been in Hawaii for some time now and I’ve discovered great Hawaiian Cat Names… Certainly, Hawaii is quite a beautiful country. Most tourists take their vacations to Hawaii. I was also touring until I fell in love with the culture of the people there, the language and even the islands in Hawaii. I just had to extend my stay! However, I hadn’t brought my cat with me and I always have a soft spot for cats. So I got a Hawaiian cat to keep me company. After getting a cat, I was now thinking of a name for her. I wanted the name to be Hawaiian so I immediately began the name search. It was quite interesting. I found very beautiful names for female cats, their meanings and even extended to male cat names so that I could name my other cat. Researching on Hawaiian cat names made me learn a lot.

In this article, I will share with you some of the cool Hawaiian female cat names, what they mean and the male cat names as well. Some of the names are cultural and some are modern. Certainly, there are also cat names that represent gods. I find Hawaiian names to be very cute. Keep reading to get a name for your lovely furry friend. These are probably the main reason you are here.

Before you get a name for your Hawaiian cat, would you happen to know how you say cat in Hawaiian? It is very easy. Just say Anu! Anu is the name for a cat in Hawaiian. Let’s get into what brought us here.

Hawaiian Cat Names Female

On my research, I found that naming Hawaiian kittens should be thought of very carefully. It is among their culture for those who love cats. Here are some of the female cat names.

  1. Akela – If you consider your cat to be wise, Akela is the name.
  2. Alamea –  Your cat is the truly precious name her Alamea
  3. Alana –  Awakening
  4. Alani – Orange fruit tree
  5. Alaula – Light of daybreak
  6. Aliikai – Queen of the sea
  7. Alika – Truthful
  8. Aolani – Heavenly cloud
  9. Eleu – Agile and lively
  10. Ewalani – Heavenly woman
  11. Haimi –  The seeker
  12. Halia – Fond remembrance
  13. Hanai – Lucky
  14. Hoala – Agitate
  15. Hula – Dance
  16. Iniki – Famous Hawaiian hurricane
  17. Inoki – Devoted
  18. Iokina – God will develop
  19. Iolana – Soaring like a hawk
  20. Ipo – Sweetheart
  21. Kahili – Feather
  22. Kaia – The sea
  23. Kaikala – Sea and the sun
  24. Kaila – Stylish
  25. Kailani – Sea and sky
  26. Kaimana – Man of the sea
  27. Kaiolohia – Calm of the sea
  28. Kalama – The light
  29. Kalani – The sky
  30. Kalea – Bright
  31. Kalei – Beloved
  32. Kalena –  Brightest start
  33. Kaloni – Sky
  34. Kamea – the one and only
  35. Kani – Sound
  36. Kapua – Flower
  37. Keala – Pathway
  38. Kailana – Adored one
  39. Keilani – Glorious Chief
  40. Keona – God’s precious gift
  41. Kiele – precious blossom
  42. Kona – Lady
  43. Lahela – Innocent lamb
  44. Laka – Gentle
  45. Laki – Lucky
  46. Lalama – Daring
  47. Lani – Sky
  48. Lanikai – Heavenly sea
  49. Leilani – Royal child
  50. Lilo – Generous one
  51. Lokelani – Red small rose
  52. Lolo – Crazy
  53. Loni – Heaven
  54. Luana – Happy

Hawaiian Cat Names pin

Hawaiian Cat Names Male

  1. Ailani – High chief
  2. Aka – Shadow
  3. Akamu – Red earth
  4. Alemana – Warrior
  5. Amana – Warrior
  6. Amoka – Strong
  7. Anakoni – Valuable
  8. Analu – Manly
  9. Asera – Lucky
  10. Edega – Wealthy
  11. Etana – Strong
  12. Ezera – Help
  13. Hae – to growl
  14. Hiwa – Jet black
  15. Kahoku –  Star
  16. Kaipo – Sweetheart
  17. Kalani – Royalty
  18. Kale – Strong and manly
  19. Kapena –  Captain
  20. Kapono – Goodness
  21. Kealii – The Chief
  22. Keanu – Cool mountain breeze
  23. Kei – Dignified
  24. Keiki – Child, boy
  25. Kekipi  – The Rebel
  26. Kekoa – The brave one
  27. Kekona – Second
  28. Keoki– George in Hawaiian
  29. Kikokiko – Speckles
  30. Kimo – James in Hawaiian
  31. Koa –  Bold and brave
  32. Kolohe – Little rascal
  33. Liko – Bud
  34. Malo – Winner
  35. Mano – Shark
  36. Meka – Eyes
  37. Nahoa – bold and defiant
  38. Nui – Important
  39. Oke – Oscar in Hawaiian
  40. Ole – Fang
  41. Paul – The day is done
  42. Palani – Freeman
  43. Pekelo – Stone
  44. Pilikea – Trouble
  45. Polo – Large and plump
  46. Polupolu – Flabby
  47. Pûkini – Pudding
  48. Waha Nui – This if he’s got a big mouth.
  49. Weuweu – If he is fluffy, this is the name

Best Hawaiian Cat Names

We all want the best things. We also try to choose the best names for our pets also. Here is a list of the best Hawaiian traditional cat names. 

  1. Aloha 
  2. Anuenue 
  3. Hoku
  4. Honi 
  5. Kahuna 
  6. Kanaka 
  7. Kane
  8. Keiki 
  9. Kono 
  10. Mahalo 
  11. Makana
  12. Mau Loa 
  13. Nohea 
  14. Ohana 
  15. Paniolo 
  16. Pupule 
  17. Wahine 
  18. Wiwi 

Stay tuned to know what these names actually mean and what they represent

Hawaiian Cat Names With Meaning

Have you ever had the thought that some behaviors are triggered by the names we give to our children or people? Well, this is actually kind of true and this happens even to the pets. You should, therefore, be very keen when looking for a name to give your pet. Before giving a name to your cat, do some research and find out the meaning. But since you are here, I will save the effort of finding the meaning of the names. I have put together a list of names for Hawaiian cats with what they mean or represent. To clarify the list is endless but here are some that I got from my research.

  1. Aloha – this means Hello and goodbye
  2. Anuenue represents a Rainbow
  3. Hoku is a Star. This is traditional but a very catch name.
  4. Honi -Kiss
  5. Kahuna –is the name for a Priest
  6. Kanaka  is the Hawaiian word for Human
  7. Kane means Man
  8. Keiki Child
  9. Kono – If you named him Kono, he is the invited
  10. Mahalo – To be grateful, you can call him Mahalo.
  11. Makana –  Call him a gift if you consider him/ her a gift.
  12. Mau Loa – this Hawaiian word means forever. You probably would not want to lose him so call him Mau Loa for instance and he will be with you forever.
  13. Nohea – This word in English means Handsome
  14. Ohana –  If you are a family guy, this is the name.
  15. Paniolo – Cowboy
  16. Pupule – Crazy
  17. Wahine – Woman
  18. Wiwi – You think he is Skinny, just call him wiwi.
  19. Meli means honey. Who does not love honey?

Top Ten Hawaiian Cat Names

Clap for yourself if you’ve made it this far. Here is a bonus for you. I have prepared top 10 Hawaiian cat names you wouldn’t want to miss.  Kaimi – If your cat is your child, call her/him Kaini. The word stands for a baby. Shaka – Great, catchy name for a cat. It is a friendly gesture for hi, bye and thank you. Hoku –  In English, this is the name for a star. Kelani – This is a spiritual name representing the heavens. Pineki – For traditional names, this is the right choice. Kai – In fact, you will probably call this name over and over when you are rejoicing. Kaipo – You love your cat that much, call her kaipo. It means sweetheart. Maui – if you are into traditions, maui is the god of fire. Cool name for a cat. Kameli – This means honeybee. Who doesn’t love honey bee? Kalino – this means the bright one.  How did you find the Hawaiian cat names? Interesting right? My thought exactly. By now am sure you have a very beautiful name for you Hawaiian kitten. If you happen to travel to Hawaii, get a cat and give it one of these names. You will be good to go.

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