Dogs that Don’t Shed: Top 50 Breeds Small, Medium & Large

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Human beings have had a long found history of domesticating dogs. By a landslide, dogs have been used as pets compared to other animals like cats and birds. Dogs possess certain intelligence which gets sharp of the mark when training is done. It’s not always a perfect life when you share a house with your dog pet. Sometimes it becomes annoying seeing dog fur all over your couches, bed, mats, and clothes. For this reason, it’s healthy to look for dogs that don’t shed breed that doesn’t shed fur to curb allergies. These dog breeds exist in small, medium and large breeds.

Breeds of Small Non-Shedding Dogs

Small dogs are a choice for many people. This is not only because you can carry them easily around but also because their cost of feeding is within arm stretch. Below is a list of small dog’s that don’t shed or shed very slightly. The breeds mark the most popular and widely petted around the world. It’s also worth saying that these dogs make good house companions by virtue of being energetic, light shedding and playfulness.

These breeds include:

Dogs that Don’t Shed

  • Scottish Terrier

  • Schnauzer/Miniature

  • Maltese

  • Poodle (Toy and Miniature)

  • Yorkshire Terrier

  • Brussels Griffon

  • Italian Greyhound

  • Norwich Terrier

  • Shih-Tzu

  • Lakeland Terrier

Medium Breed of Non-Shedding Dogs

Below is a list of medium non-shedding dogs. If they shed it’s very light and won’t inconvenience you. Actually, their rate of shedding is unnoticeable in most cases. They aren’t listed according to any order. They comprise the most popular and are also good for house companionship.

They include:

  • Labradoodle

  • Portuguese Water Dog

  • Irish Terrier

  • Lagotto Romagnolo

  • Puli

  • Schnauzer (standard)

  • Tibetan Terrier

  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

  • Kerry Blue Terrier

  • Whippet

Large Breeds of Non-Shedding Dogs

If you like large dogs that don’t shed, this is just the place. You won’t need to buy an industrially sized vacuum cleaner to keep away dog fur. Here are types of large dog breeds that don’t shed;

  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Their coat is hard which makes grooming sessions look fruitless. These dogs are athletic thus becoming good swimmers and joggers.

  • Saluki

Their coat is short and easy to grooming. They are good sprinters by virtue of their physical appearance and thus need training and exercise.

  • Airedale Terrier

Its coat needs brushing many times in a week. Their mood elevates with regular exercise. These dogs are mostly friendly.

  • Irish Water Spaniel

Their coat is long and thus requires regular bathing. Their coat doesn’t affect allergy sufferers thus suitable for them. They are good for sporting.

  • Bouvier des Flandres

Their coat collects debris thus require for baths regularly. They can guard livestock and pull carts due to their energy.

Large Breeds of Non-Shedding Dogs

  • Poodle (standard)

These dogs are clever and were originally used to fetch water for hunters. They are big and could weigh up to 75 pounds.

  • Schnauzer (Giant)

These dogs are playful and suit households with children aged less than 12. They need at least two walks daily for easy handling.

  • Black Russian Terrier

They have black coats and were originally used for patrol alongside soldiers. They require regular exercise.

  • Goldendoodle

They form good family companions and their fur needs clipping after two months. They are good at sniffing and guiding and consequently social.

  • Komondor

This breed is rare. They guard livestock and thus protective and intelligent.

Apartment Dogs That Don’t Shed

Apartment Dogs That Don’t Shed

Apartment dogs have to be appealing in the way they look. It’s not easy to choose the best because most are good looking. We, however, have an insight into this which will help you sort them out. These dogs also need to be friendly and sometimes playful.

They include:

  • Pug

  • Bichon Frise

  • Chihuahua

  • Poodle

  • Shiba Inu

  • Chinese Crested

  • Boston Terrier

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • English Bulldog

  • Bitza

Hunting Dogs That Don’t Shed

Hunting is an art. For this reason, you need a dog that has certain attributes. These attributes include aggressiveness, speed, energy, and intelligence. If you are looking for a hunting dog that doesn’t shed, your hunting will be easier and enjoyable.

The breeds that possess these characteristics are:

  • Border Terrier

  • Cirneco dell’Etna

  • Irish Water Spaniel

  • Lagotto Romagnolo

  • Portuguese Water Dogs

  • Afghan Hound

  • Curly Coated Retriever

  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

  • Italian Greyhound

  • Welsh Terrier

These dogs need frequent exercise and hydration for best performance.

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