Sugar Glider Cage & Ideal Size and Best Accessories

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If you are thinking of purchasing a pet sugar glider, here you will find perfect sugar glider cage. Sugar gliders are small and lovely animals that make great pets. They are people lovers and do well with children and other pets. If you are looking for pets with minimal maintenance needs, sugar gliders are your pets. They are clean animals, hence do not require grooming. Have very few health issues thus very few trips to the vet. Sugar gliders are perfect for people with allergies. The feeding habits are quite cheap since you love fresh fruits and vegetables. They also hate staying alone, thus will love giving you company. All these are perfect characteristics for a perfect pet.

Before adopting a sugar glider for a pet, the one thing to think of is where the cage is going to live. It is important for you to buy or make a cage in which they will spend much of their time. It is therefore key to learn a thing or two before buying a cage. Here is some information to guide you when purchasing or making sugar glider cage.

Sugar glider cages

Sugar glider cages play a great role in the gliders’ health and overall well-being. Sugar gliders are generally active in nature. Most of a sugar glider’s happy moments are achieved when they are playing. Therefore, it is important for them to have a large room to satisfy this need. To be specific, they love jumping and climbing on things. For this reason, therefore, it is important that the cage has a bigger vertical space. Medium sugar glider cages are good, but large is far much better. Almost similar to a cat tree.

A 24 inches deep, 24 inches wide and 36inches tall cage is a good one for a pair of sugar gliders. It is also important not to leave more than ½ by 1 inch in between the wires to prevent their small legs from getting stuck. Since the cages sold out there are not ideal for sugar gliders, you can buy wires and have them welded as per your requirements.

Since sugar gliders are very intelligent, they can find means of opening their cages. Thus, it is important that you have latches to make them more secure. To absorb the waste and other kinds of dirt, have the bottom part of the cage covered with shaving, and more preferably fir. Once or twice a week cleaning of the cage is also advisable.

The location of the cage should be easily accessible and out of direct sunlight.

Having nest boxes inside the cage is also wise. Porous nest boxes are recommendable but they need time to time replacing since they absorb moisture and other dirt. On the other hand, plastic nest boxes are an ideal option since they are easy to clean. You can position the nest box against the ceiling of the cage to prevent the sugar gliders from excreting and sitting on them. Also, you can consider a cloth pouch which is even better. Wash them and maybe have a spare to exchange with every time. What is good about the cloth pouch is that it plays a great role during bonding since you can have them removed and handle the sugar gliders whenever you want to.

Sugar gliders cage sets

Whether you bought the sugar glider cage or simply made it yourself, it is important that you ensure it is as comfortable for the sugar glider as possible. Make it safe and secure and a place it is going to love for the next period of time it will live in it.

Make the cage large enough so that they can have enough space to climb and jump. Stock the place with a lot of branches for more climbing and exercises. Have the exercise wheels, toys, water bottle and food bowls in the cage.  

Simply all you can about sugar gliders, what they love and what their habitat should be like before bring her home. Also, if you find customizing and stuffing the whole cage on your own, there is an option of buying a sugar glider cage and all the items needed in it.

Sugar glider cage accessories

Since they love climbing and jumping up and down, it is important that you provide branches that will help them when exercising. Be cautious not to bring branches with pesticides and those from toxic plants. Also, those with sticky resins like pine and cedar are not ideal. Apart from the natural branches, you can also buy artificial branches to serve the same purpose.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are another accessory you can use. Place them on the highest point of the cage since sugar gliders spend most of their times there. Avoid cloth toys since they can entangle the glider or the gliders can swallow the threads. An exercise wheel also plays a great role, especially when introduced to the sugar glider in its early stages. A big wheel is recommended so as to prevent their legs from being stuck. Another great option is to choose the best pet scratcher for your sugar glider pet.

Sugar Glider Food Bowls

A sugar glider cage is not complete without food bowls. Plastic food dishes are the best. They should be large but not large enough for the sugar glider to get in. a food bowl is incomplete without water clip from which the gliders can take water from. However, water clips are only for use if your sugar gliders are not trained to take water from a water bottle, which is more ideal.

Sugar Glider Bonding Punch

For you to establish a relationship with your sugar glider, it is important to have more bonding time with her. Though they might be aggressive and stubborn in the first few days, they always come through after some time. Bonding with a young sugar glider is easier than the adult glider. It, however, does not mean that adult sugar gliders cannot bond with you totally. All you have to do is be a little patient as they familiarize themselves with the new environment.

It is important for you to have a bonding pouch during this bonding phase. You can place your glider in the pouch and move wherever you want with them. They have a zipper to make sure that they are secure. They also keep the sugar glider warm, comfortable and make them relax as well as provide more time for you and your pet.  As you move around with them in this bonding pouch, they get to learn your smell and even your voice. To get your glider out of the cage, do not chase it and force them out, rather, give them time and wait until they get into the pouch and get them then.

Also, healthy treats will help you bond very fast with a sugar glider. It can be in form of fresh or dried fruit inside the pouch or even yogurt drops. You know how much they love sweet foods and snacks. These treats also help them lure them out of their hiding places and help m you make contact with them.

Sugar Glider Names

names for sugar glider pin

With this information, you know almost everything that sugar gliders love and what their habitats should be like. All that is left is for you to get a sugar glider today, bond with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

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