Best Wet Dog Food To Mix With Dry [TOP 7 REVIEW]

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Just like any other pet, a dog gets hungry. The number of times you feed it in a day depends on its age. Mostly though, dogs eat either twice or thrice in a day. For this reason, you have to find the best-wet dog food to mix with dry. Dog food comes in two major categories; wet and dry. Both of which have their nutritional capabilities. In most cases, people feed either dry dog food or wet dog food at a time. In marginalized cases, however, people mix both dry and wet dog foods.

All About Wet Dog Food

Wet food is also a good meal to feed your dog. It’s with no doubt that wet food has a soft texture. This is an advantage especially to a dog with mouth sores or a problem in their dental formula. That said, wet dog food is easy to chew and swallow yet giving your dog the nutrition it requires. Most of the times when dogs reject dry food, wet food comes in handy. In fact, it has meaty smells and aromatic aspects which dog like. It also comes in different flavors to include chicken and beef flavors. This aspect helps to entice your dog into eating especially when the dog is rejecting food. Best wet dog food to mix with dry dog food is also easily mixed with other food types. Finally, wet dog food keeps your dog’s body hydrates thus keeping your dog healthy.

Best Wet Dog Food To Mix With Dry

The Best Dry Dog Food

Evidently, dry kibble as most likes to call it is very popular among dog owners. The most obvious reason is affordability. In most cases, dry dog food is cheaper compared to wet dog food. For this reason, most dog owners prefer to buy dry dog food. In addition, dry dog food lasts for a long time without getting spoiled. This is because bacteria do survive on dry conditions. Dry kibble also has a brushing effect on your dog’s teeth. This prevents plaque and tartar build up. On the same breath, dry dog food helps to strengthen the dog’s teeth as time goes by. A dog that feeds on dry food is less likely to have bad breath.

Can I Mix Wet Dog Food With Dry?

This is a choice left at the discretion of every dog owner. What your dog eats is entirely up to you. The punch line is, whether the food is dry or wet, your dog gets its treat. It’s only a matter of preference mounting from either you as a dog owner or the dog. In fact, there are dogs which deliberately reject eating either dry food or wet. If your dog likes, dry feed it dry. If it likes wet food, give it exactly that. Others won’t eat until you mix both wet and dry. As such, feel free to mix both dry and wet dog food as long as your dog doesn’t reject it.

What Are The Benefits Of Mixing Dry And Wet Dog Food?

As sighted above, mixing dry and wet dog food isn’t dangerous to your dog. But sometimes you need to consult your retailer to ensure you mix food that suits your dog’s age and body weight. Obviously, dry dog food has its own advantages over wet dog food. Similarly, wet dog food has also merits that dry dog food has not. This means that by mixing both dry and wet dog food, the dog gets the most out of the mixture. First of all, with the different food textures in the same bowl motivates the dog. Secondly, the aromas that result from the mixture of both foods attract the dog and makes it enjoy the meal. Conclusively, feeding your dog a mixture of both wet and dry food gives the dog completely balanced nutrition at every meal.

What Is The Best Way To Mix Wet And Dry Dog Food?

Occasionally, dogs like the breaking of monotony. If you keep feeding your dog with certain types of food, it won’t be long until it rejects it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wet or dry. You need to keep changing its diet to ensure it enjoys every meal. One of the changes is mixing both wet and dry foods. Usually, you must be aware of the basic information of your dog, for example, age and weight. This helps you obtain suitable dry and wet food to mix. Pour the food in a bowl and mix it with your bare hands. This helps in your bonding with your dog as your body scent is left behind. You can also add flavor to the meal with cooked chicken cuts.

Below are some of the Wet and Dry Dog Food to consider

  • Best Dry Dog Food Brands

Taste of The Wild

This food weighs about 30lbs thus good for a long time feeding. It has proteins, veggies, and fruits among others for strong muscles. It’s also highly digestible and costs about $ 52.49.



Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Ihis formula contains real meat and protein from chicken for strong muscles. It has also omega 3 and 6 for a shiny coat. The costs around $50.74.




Hill’s Science Diet

This meal is chicken flavored with omega 6 fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat and skin. It also has antioxidants to provide vitamins C and E. It costs about $68.70.




  • Best Wet Dog Food Brands

Rachael Ray Nutrish

Its size is 8 oz (pack of 6). This meal is made from tender meat and wholesome veggies exempting corn, soy, and wheat. It contains beef, chicken and lamb flavors at only $22.35.




Purina Moist Meaty Burger

The size is about 36 ct with burger flavored using Cheddar Cheese. It’s made with real beef and properly moist to keep your dog hydrated. It goes for about $12.99.




Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe

Its size is 12.5 oz and contains no wheat. Its flavors include beef, lamb, fish, and turkey with vitamins and minerals. You have it for about $12.99.


Tips For Mixing Foods Well

You have to know the best wet dog food to mix with dry food. This helps you attain food that your dog enjoys and consequently benefits its nutritional wise. First, mix dog foods with different shapes, textures, and aromas. These attributes help entice your pet. Second, consult your veterinarian to ensure dog age and weight dynamics are considered. Willy-nilly mixing of the food may affect your dog. Third, you need to add a little water into the food. The fourth tip is mixing canned and dry dog food. It helps to increase hydration in the dog’s body and add flavor. Lastly, avoid mixing therapeutic foods with other foods without consulting your vet. This will help to maintain the intended benefits of a therapeutic diet.

All You Should Know About The Best Wet Dog Food to Mix with Dry

Dogs display human characteristics especially when it’s a matter of feeding. The way you can eat the same food type around a calendar is the same way a dog can’t. Of course, dogs can be more tolerating than humans but eventually, they’ll reject the food. That’s when you know it’s time to feed your dog something different to break the monotony.

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