Probiotics For Dogs – Top 5 Best & Benefits

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Owning a pet comes with varying responsibilities that ensure the health and habitat are good for the pet. If you own a dog, you have to know what to give them, how to deal with different health disorders and know the right diet for them. This article serves as a guide to a new healthy trend in pet industry known as probiotics. Like human probiotics present in foods and drinks, probiotics for dogs work in the same way. They are simply essential, natural and health supplements added to dog foods.

Recent studies have proved that probiotics for dogs are beneficial and aid in the overall health of your dog. In fact, many dog food brands are featuring probiotics as essential additions to their food brands. But how would you know the best probiotics for dogs?

Know the Benefit of probiotics for dogs health

Giving your dog foods rich in probiotics helps them in a number of health benefits. Well, you want to know this benefits, below is a rundown of the benefits;

  1. Probiotics help reduce yeast infection, overgrowth, and rash.
  2. An improved skin and coat for your dog
  3. Enhanced bowel movement. (minimal cases of diarrhea, constipation and loose stool)
  4. Improved immune system etc.

Primarily, pet probiotics focus on dealing with stomach problems, and sensitivity in your pet’s stomach for particular foods. If your dog has had frequent stomach disorders, then the solution is giving them dog food probiotics.

What are some of the best probiotics for dogs?

There are many probiotics available on the market today, making it difficult to identify the best one for your dog. But don’t worry, here is what you should look for in a good probiotic.

Look for Cold-pressed, dry powder probiotics

Unlike liquid-based probiotics, dry powder and cold pressed probiotics are more effective and stable, thus delivering maximum benefit to the health of your pet. This type of probiotics lasts longer in the gastrointestinal tract of your dog’s stomach thus supplying more bacteria per dose.

Choose Fewer strain probiotics

Studies have proved that foods with higher strains produce a reduced effect in the overall function of probiotics for dogs. Each strain competes and colonizes another strain to achieve effects which in the long-run has a higher chance of diluting the valuable strain in the probiotic.

Choose one with Prebiotics

Prebiotics provide food to the probiotics so that they can multiply in the gut for effective function. Great prebiotics includes FOS, inulin, acacia gum among others.

If you stick to these three qualities, then you certainly will find the perfect fit for your pet probiotics.

Are probiotics good for puppies?

The answer to that question is simply yes! Probiotics are highly recommended for puppies to fortify their sterile guts. As a fact, puppies that have had a consistent administration of probiotics for puppies do not develop chronic illnesses as they mature.

The use of probiotics for dogs means that the health of your dog is on par with their immune system. In the same way, using puppies that take doses of probiotics, have an improved immune. If you have been worried about giving your puppy some of these bacteria, then you are not too late.

Give your puppy some of these natural supplements for an improved gut health, reduced instances of constipation, diarrhea or other related health problems. Research has also proved that probiotics for puppies enhance development in all phases of their life.

Guide to the Top 5 Recommended probiotics for dogs

The market is already flooded with different types of probiotics, cheap and expensive, low quality and high-quality probiotics. However, you will need to buy only the brand with positive feedback. Here are some of the best dog probiotic reviews, these are our recommendation, but you can do your research to find one that best suits your dog.

Purina Fortiflora Canine Probiotic Supplement

Many dog owners have rated Purina Fortiflora Canine Probiotic to be the best supplement for your dog. It has significantly helped many dogs overcome gastro-intestinal problems, bowel movement problems as well as other immune-related disorders.

It is one of the top recommendations by a various veterinarian. with many dogs having sensitive stomachs, this probiotic brand has no disposed health condition for your dog. Your dog will love them when in their diets, thus limited cases of refusal to take their food.

Even though it might not necessitate getting a recommendation from your veterinarian, it is important to request a prescription from your pet care specialist.

PetVitalityPRO probiotic premium plus

If you are looking for an all-solution probiotic for dogs then this is your perfect bet. It contains other digestive enzymes that help in the absorption of food nutrients. It has been proven to help stop diarrhea, bad breath, bad breath and some cases of immune allergies.

There’s no reason why you should not consider this probiotic for your dog. It contains 4 Billion CFUs. The package comes with a complete set of benefits to your dog. It has been proved to boost immunity, support your dogs’ digestive system and healthy GI tract.

Give it a try today.

PetUltimates Probiotics for dogs

This is yet another great choice of probiotics for your dog. It has over 2 Billion CFU/scoops. It is one of the best dry powder probiotic that eliminates the chances of chocking your dog. The ease of application is yet another benefit. If your dog is resistant to taking any meds, with a diluted probiotic, they will not know it’s in their meals.

It has been proven to help problems such as malabsorption of nutrients in your dog’s body. The major active ingredient in this probiotic is inulin.

ProViable-DC probiotic for both dogs and cats

Unlike other probiotics available in the market, this one can only be administered under veterinarian recommendation. It is used to establish the health of your pets gastro-intestinal tract. It is enhanced with different active microorganisms, multiple species and billions of CFUs.

Having the recommendation from a veterinarian makes it a great choice for your pet, helping in diarrhea, digestion and bowel movement.

Nusentia Probiotic Miracle

Being in existence for over a decade, Nusential probiotic miracle serves as a perfect probiotic supplement for your dog. Like any other probiotic for dogs, it is enhanced with hundreds of species and billions of CFUs to aid in digestion, curb yeast overgrowth, and improve the skin of your dog.

It is all natural without added by-products, making it the perfect fit that won’t disturb the digestive tract of your dog.

The bottom line

We can conclude by saying that probiotics for dogs are helpful and essential for overall health of your dog. Choosing the right brand is equally important. With our top 5 best probiotics for dogs, you can choose one to add to your dog’s diet.

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