Why Dogs Are Good For Your Health?

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“Dog is man’s best friend”. Do you think that this saying is true? In this article, we will try to convince you and show how dogs positively affect people and why dogs are good for your health?

So let’s look at the main advantages of having a pet.

Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Why Dogs Are Good For Your Health? From the beginning. First. Having a dog means that we can become healthier. Everyday walks with the dog positively affect our health. It has been proven many times that everyday walks or any other activities positively affect our blood pressure or circulation.

Is it healthy to have a dog?

It definitely is. Recent studies have shown people who own the dog live longer and have thirtieth lower incidences of heart attacks. Clearly walking a dog has obvious health advantages however there are a lot of delicate ones.

Dogs aren’t the cleanest of creatures, therefore, having one in your home massively improves your immune system.

Can getting a dog help with loneliness?

Loneliness could be also a major contributor to stress and health problem. Sharing your life with a dog is very beneficial to lonely people.

If we are the owner of a dog, then we have to go for a walk with him every day. If we live in a big city, we have great opportunities to meet new people. It can make our social life more pleasant.

Furthermore, a four-legged friend will help us in combating stress, just hugging the dog, letting you calm down and get rid of negative emotions. Anyone who has a dog can confirm it.

Additionally. Having a dog with both small children and adults can help develop certain skills that are extremely important in life. The most important is responsibility, the feeling that someone’s life, health, and existence depend on our behavior.

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How do dogs help humans?

This may be quite strange, however, scientific research has proven that a four-legged friend can detect diseases such as colon cancer or lung cancer. In addition, dogs sense danger very well. The dog can detect an epileptic attack that is about to occur soon. Animals are also often trained to bring appropriate medications or even alert the right people in such a situation.

Moreover, dogs have a positive therapeutic effect on many different rehabilitation activities. They can also help with depression. “The dog doctor helps get out of depression” – in this way the psychiatrist from Cologne Andreas Sobottka called his research, which was supported by rich clinical experience. “Depressive symptoms significantly recede, if the dog also participates in the therapy,” says Sobottka.

Additionally, answering the question of why dogs are good for your health, we can point out that dogs help children at school, they motivate in speech therapy classes, they support learning to read. Their presence positively influences the concentration and memory exercise. School dogs help to reduce aggression and improve the classroom atmosphere.

Unfortunately, dogs have poor PR on television. They talk about dogs only when the dog does something bad, bite the child, adult or other such situations. Nobody talks about the good aspects of having a dog, how positive it can affect a person.

You can exchange many advantages of having a dog, it does not necessarily have to be a dog, cats also positively affect people, even hamsters or guinea pigs. Having a pet positively affects every human being. I’ve found out about it myself, personally. If someone wants to have a dog, think carefully and take all the above arguments into account. If you decided to have one pick the great dog name here.  

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