Are Blueberries Bad for Dogs Really?
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Blueberries are not only a great treat for both big and small dogs, but also have a great nutritional value to the dogs as well. Therefore the next time that you grab a handful of blueberries for yourself it is important that you share them with your dog.

Many people wonder if blueberries are good for their dogs, in this post, we focus on answering the main dilemma around whether “are blueberries bad for dogs?”

Further, we will address the advantages of treating your dog with some blueberries.

Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and have a very low-calorie count. They are the best option for humans who have a sweet tooth. Just as in humans, blueberries are very advantageous for your dog’s health. Blueberries are sweet and do not have lots of sugar.

In addition to that, blueberries are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and are also rich in phytochemicals which are natural chemical compounds found in plants. Certainly, lots of research has proven that blueberries improve the health of animals similar to that of human beings.

In General, are blueberries bad for dogs?

Probably, you are asking yourself, whether are blueberries good for dogs? Below, is a rundown to some of the benefits of blueberries to dogs;

Rich in Oxidants.

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which play a vital role in fighting free radicals that are responsible for the molecular damage. Also, they contribute to a cellular disruption in dogs. Moreover, blueberries are natural sources of antioxidants that are very essential to improving the immune system in dogs as they fight free radicals in the system of the dog naturally. For those of us with an old dog, blueberries are very essential to your dogs too. This is because research has proven that adding antioxidants to your dog’s meal is essential as it reduces the effect of brain aging in dogs.

Blueberries are rich in Fiber!

The fiber present in blueberries is very essential to the health of your dogs. Fiber helps in improving your dog’s digestion system. Dogs eat a lot of things and it is up to you as the owner to be aware of what is helpful to your pet’s health. In addition to fiber, vitamin C present in blueberries is very essential to dogs as it improves the dog’s immune system. The phytochemicals just as in human beings are very important to the canines as they have been proven to have the ability to fight cancerous cells in the body.

According to research, eating foods that are rich in fiber and vitamin C has been proven to reduce the rate of one suffering from obesity and even cardiovascular diseases. In addition eating foods like blueberries has also been proven to greatly reduce the risk of one suffering from common cold and other different kinds of cancer. All these advantages are proven on human beings and can as well apply to canines.

Though blueberries are practical fruits that can stain and damage your furniture and clothing, they are a great treat for your pet as they have less sugar content as compared to other fruits like strawberries. In addition to that, blueberries are tropical fruits that are small and so, therefore, you do not need to cut them into small slices in order to feed them to your dog.

It is important to note that before introducing new foods to a dog that requires a special diet, it is important that you first visit your veterinary who will advise you on the best meal to offer your dog. However, due to the low sugar content present in blueberries, they can be served to dogs with special needs like diabetes.


BLUEBERRIESIt is important that you have the knowledge on how to serve blueberries to your dog. Essentially, this forms the basis of knowing whether are blueberries bad for dogs or not. Your vet can advise you on the right portion of blueberries to serve your dog. However, the number of blueberries served to a dog varies and is dependent on the size of the dog. In addition to that, blueberries can also be mashed into a dogs kibble and served to the dog.

It is important to note that some dogs love eating frozen blueberries. Though, this can be a choking hazard as dogs mostly don’t chew small foods they just swallow them. This can be dangerous and can lead to the death of your pet. However, blueberries can serve as great training treats for your dog. After a good exercise and workout, it’s great if your dogs eat blueberries as a treat for good behavior and encourage proper mannerism and training. You can do tricks with your dog for one hour and then serve your dog with blueberries they do not contain lots of sugar.

Recipes for the Best Blueberries for dogs.

Before you decide whether are blueberries bad for dogs, here are some great recipes for blueberries for dogs.

BLUEBERRIES and banana

  1.    Banana and grain free blueberry.

This is a good recipe to prepare for your dogs if they have a substantial grain-based diet. However, it is important that you don’t overfeed your dogs on grain meals. This is a good diet that can be used as a treat for dogs after undertaking some exercises and tricks.

  1.    Blueberry crunch

This is a good diet for your dog as it gives the blueberries a substantial size that the dog can get its teeth in and chew. With this meal, you are sure that your dog will not just swallow the meal without chewing. Therefore, this recipe makes sure that the dog cannot get chocked by eating the blueberries without chewing.

  1.    Frozen blueberry 

The frozen blueberry treats are a good meal that is mainly used during the hot summer seasons. This meal will cool down your dog during this hot weather. Nevertheless, this meal has got a high capability of chocking the dog as it should be chewed down. Therefore it is important to train your dog on how to partake in such a meal without chocking.

are blueberries bad for dogs

So, can dogs have blueberries really?

Despite the fact that blueberries for dogs are safe and a healthy treat for your dog this does not mean that they do not come with risks of their own. It is common to many dogs not to chew small foods but swallow them whole. This is one of the risks of feeding your dog with blueberries as they are a choking hazard for your dog if not prepared with other meals to make the meal chewable by the dog.

It is important to note that just like human beings, dogs too are allergic to different kinds of foods. In fact, it is proven that more than ten percent of canines are allergic to different kinds of meals. Therefore it is important to note the kind of foods that your pet is allergic to. This can be done by observing some of the signs like chronic gas, the presence of ear inflammation after having a given meal or even presence of diarrhea after having a certain kind of meal. Therefore it is crucial that you seek the services of a vet. He can advise you on the best way to go if your dog is allergic to blueberries.

It is important to note that, blueberries have got some health risks to your dog. Eating too many blueberries can lead to stomach upset for your dog, therefore it is important to have the appropriate portion for your dog depending on its size. Visit your vet to understand the right amount and portion for your dog.

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