Why Do Huskies Look Like Wolves
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I was always wondering why Huskies look like wolves. So I had to find out the reason why.

For this reason, Huskies quite resemble the wolves. They are double coated to protect them from extreme colds. They come in all colors ranging from white to black with blue or brown eyes. Their tails are heavily furred. Just like the wolves, Huskies also howl instead of barking.

The most noticeable difference is that huskies are friendly while wolves aren’t. Due to the much resemblance, the film industry uses the Huskies to play the role of wolves in movies. If you also consider getting a dog with the wolf appearance, this is the dog for you. Check out our dog blog section.

Which Dog Breed Is Most Related To The Wolf?

It is common knowledge that dogs descended from the wolves. Although this is the case, I came to learn that all these dogs come with different characters and behaviors. From my research, I found out that the dog most commonly related to the wolf is the Siberian husky.

The Siberian husky was a sled dog and was commonly used for transport in the Arctic. This dog resembles a wolf only that he is more friendly and likes to play. The dog easily adapts to new surroundings and is very good with children. These are the reasons why most people prefer him for a pet. 

Saarloose Wolfdog

Why Do Huskies Look So Much Like Wolves?

As I said earlier, dogs are descendants of the wolves. Some dogs still possess some DNA that makes them wolves through the wolf-like traits have been switched off. Some of these traits can be activated through selective breeding to make the dogs behave more like wolves. One example of these dogs is the Huskies. To be precise, the Siberian husky. The Huskies have a lot of similarities to the wolves starting from the appearance to some of the behaviors. The Siberian husky has an outer polished fur that reflects away the heat in the warm seasons. The male huskies are bigger than the female though not as big as the wolves.

Which Dog Is Most Like A Wolf?

Looking at a Siberian husky, you will be shocked by the level of resemblance. They are mostly found in the extremely cold and harsh environments like the Siberian Arctic. For this reason, they are double coated. A soft undercoat and smooth topcoat. The Siberian husky will howl rather than bark.

Other dogs that resemble the wolf are:

If you were looking for a wolf-like dog, You might consider either of these.

german shepherd

What Is The Difference Between Husky And Wolf?

Differentiating between a husky and a wolf can be quite a task. I have put down some of the differences. Unlike other dogs, huskies howl like wolves. Their outward appearance resembles the wolf. So how can you differentiate between the two? One noticeable difference is the tail. Wolves have straight tail while husky’ tail is curved. Wolves are generally taller than huskies and their chests are narrower. A wolfs’ muzzle is longer and one other noticeable difference is the legs. Huskies have small and round legs while wolves’ legs are huge with large claws. Most huskies have blue eyes while wolves don’t. Again, huskies are dogs and they behave childishly. The like to play while wolves are less interested in humans.

When getting the Huskies for a dog, It is worth to note that these dogs can be destructive if poorly treated. All dogs require proper care and training. Those are some of the reasons why the Huskies look so much like the wolves.

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