How Long Are Cats in Heat? [A Definitive Guide]

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Are you looking for a definitive guide on how long your cat will be in heat? Generally, My Female cat was on estrus or heat last several days. So I will answer this question from my experience with the cat.

In fact, the heat generated can be as short as one day, or at the time it can go even up to 7 days. Nevertheless, if it is not mated, she is likely to go out of the heat, within a short period usually 1-2 weeks. But the average complete heat cycle is 1-3 weeks.

On the other hand, an indoor cat usually goes on heat for 24 hours a day. But it can also go into heat any time. Also, non-spayed cats will go on the heat on spring season several times.

Moreover, this period can last even up to 14 days. My cat will exhibit many behaviors during the heat cycle or estrus, and you wonder why cats knead? However, the only solution for these behaviors is to have the cat spayed regularly.

How often do cats go into heat in a year?

Female cats go into heat seasonally that last 3 weeks. However, these postestrus cycles usually begin when the cat reaches puberty, as early as 4 months right to 10 months of age. In a year a cat can go on heat many times. When my female cat has induced ovulation and they don’t mate successfully when in heat, they will go through another heat cycle as soon as the current one is over. Therefore, a female cat can be in heat almost invariably unless she is spayed or pregnant. That is why I recommend spaying female cats when I am not intending for breeding. The exact time for a female to start on heat is always determined by many factors; like general health, age, weight, season (summer/spring) and their breed. Furthermore, some cats even go on heat up to 20 weeks in a year.

How Long Are Cats in Heat? [A Definitive Guide]

Are cats in pain when they are in heat?

Frequently no one who can tell whether cat does feel pain when on the heat cycle. But from the calling (loud yowling) and many other signs and symptoms they exhibit, it shows that they are uncomfortable. A kitten always has her first heat as early as 4 1/2 months. Their behaviors clearly show that they feel pain when on heat, however, the pain doesn’t last long it vanishes as the cycle comes to an end.

Can you fix a cat in heat? Spaying during heat

When my cat goes on heat she sprays everything with urine; these make the male cats know that she is ready for mating. However, spaying is the only way to stop a female cat from urinating everywhere in the compound and house.  This is because spayed cats don’t go into a heat cycle. However, when a cat was spayed later in life after several heat cycles or litters, you may have the learned behavior of a cat in heat.

How do I know when my cat is in heat?

My unsprayed female cats reach fertility period in life that can go even into old age. Subsequently, cats are competent reproducers, their heat cycle, can occur every 12 to 22 days, during these time she can successfully mate with one or more healthy suitors. However, there’s no easy way to determine a cat’s hormone levels at home, the changes in her behavior can be a suggestive sign that she, indeed, is in heat.  When my cat is on the heat he will have the following characteristics.

Display of Affection

Immediately after estrus, my cat becomes unusually affectionate. She rubs and sidles her hindquarters against stuffed toys, furniture or other cats. This is different from pure restlessness, and she lifts her tail, and even she went ahead and assume the mating position.

Excessive Grooming  

When I saw my cat licking her genital area each time even although no blood present, it means that the cat is on the heat. But also genital licking can be a sign of urinary tract disorder and need vets attention.

Other signs are; Mating Call and Position, Marking Her Territory by spraying, Loss of Appetite and She will pace and after that try to run out the door.

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