Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Bed ?
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Understanding The Lifestyle Of Your Cat’s Sleeping Pattern

If you are a cat owner, then you probably have realized that cats are fond of their owners and do not like living in solitary. You will find them trailing behind you as you walk around the house, sit by your side while watching a movie, or joins you at the dining table. Moreover, cats love to sleep with their owners. In this article, we will look forward to answering the question of why does my cat sleep on my bed.

Primarily, your cat will adopt a routine on where they want to lie, it could be on your pillow, on your legs, or on your head. The reason for this behavior is that your cat is looking for warmth. Warmth is of prime importance for your cat as it aids him/her in their metabolism processes. But these two could not be the sole reason why your pet would want to sleep in your bed.

So you want to know, why does my cat sleep on my legs? Why does my cat sleep on my pillow? Or better still, why does my cat want to sleep on my neck? Here’s the deal;

Why does my cat sleep on my bed? Your cat loves you!

As merely as it sounds, there’s no doubt that your cat loves you. Cats are one of those pets that live where they are wanted! They will stick closer, play with or trail behind specific people in the house, as opposed to others. This is because they trust these individuals and have developed some love for them. That’s why you will still find them on your bed. So next time you find your kitten on your bed, do not ask why does my cat sleep on my bed, It’s just love! ☺

Your cat is looking for safety.

When you live your cat on their bed or a chair across the room as you sleep, they feel insecure and get scared of potential predators. (Wikipedia – cat behavior) The only source of comfort and safety is close to you. They will, in fact, draw up close to your head, and this is the reason you will find them on your pillow. Don’t get worried, the answer to your question why does my cat sleep on my pillow is right here!

why does my cat sleep on my bed

They are just looking for warmth.

You must have noticed that your cat will sit close to your laptop, near fireplaces, or close to heating elements. Sometimes it is cold on the nights, and your cat cannot gather enough warmth for themselves. They will, therefore, resort to jumping on your bed and camping next to you.  Your cat will savor the warmth of your blankets or duvets. They would better sleep on your legs than not. When you wake up and find them sleeping on your legs, do not ask why does my cat sleep on my bed, they need warmth.

Sleeping close to you gives them mental therapies!

Cats too have emotions and will sometimes feel restless and nervous. When they sleep close to you, they feel relaxed, happy and relieved of the burden. In the same that you would probably need your pet when stressed, they too need you for the same reasons. Next time you find your cat sleeping close to you, do not send them away, pull them closer and let them feel appreciated. Give them mental wellness and comfort by having them sleep on your bed.

These are some of the reasons why your cat will want to sleep close to you on your bed. But here’s the bottom line, it could be a lifestyle, that you need to cope up with, as long as it doesn’t hurt or harm you in any way. Hopefully, you will not have any worries about ‘why does my cat sleep on my bed.’ It is normal.

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