Can Cats Drink Milk? What Kind Of Milk Can Cats Drink?

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As a cat owner, you must have asked yourself can cats drink milk? At one point you might have given your cat a bowl of milk thinking that you are giving it a healthy diet. Yes, your cat may enjoy milk but the big question is if you should give it milk. A vet will recommend you not to give a cat or dog milk and also recommend the best kitten food. The calcium needed can be gotten from quality pet feeds. Although there are different kinds of milk and some might be suitable for your cat while others may not be recommended. The following information will guide you on which milk you should give to your cat and which you shouldn’t.

Can Cats Drink Cow Milk?

Cow milk may not be favorable to many cats as they may be lactose intolerant. Many cats especially old ones don’t have the enzymes that are required to digest lactose in cow milk. This means cat will experience diarrhea and painful stomach cramps.  The undigested milk will stay in the intestines instead of passing to the bloodstream. Remember that some cats are lactose tolerant but many of them are intolerant. However, you should make sure that your cat stays away from cow milk as it will be difficult to tell if your cat is lactose tolerant or not. Moreover, helping you answer the question can cat drink milk.

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Can Cats Drink Almond Milk?

The general answer here is yes. Cats can be given almond milk but at a controlled amount. There are a number of reasons why this milk is suitable for your cat. Firstly, almond milk will not have any dairy product and this means that there is no lactose. Lactose is what makes milk unfavorable to cats as it is difficult for them to digest it. Even more, raising more questions on can cats drink milk? Another advantage with almond milk is that it does not contain any toxic substance that may harm your cat. Finally, this milk will be a special treat to cats as it has a great taste. This is the main reason why almond milk can be used to give medicine to the cats as it will hide the smell and taste of medicine.

Can Cats drink Soy Milk?

Are you wondering if you should give your cat soy milk? The genuine truth is you should not but if you must don’t do it regularly or in large amounts.  Feeding a cat with soy milk frequently can cause thyroid and serious liver problems. Soy milk is a vegetable protein that is gotten from plants and it may not be suitable for cats as they are omnivores by nature. Cats don’t have enzymes that are required to digest these proteins.

Can Cats Drink Milk 3Can cats drink coconut milk?

Although coconut milk is free from lactose it doesn’t mean that cats can take it. This is because coconut milk will have very high levels of oil and fat. As cats cannot digest lactose they cannot also digest plant proteins that are found in coconut milk.

Can cats drink chocolate milk?

Although chocolate milk is a good human food it may not be a good idea giving it to your cat. Chocolate milk contains theobromine that can cause irregular heartbeats to cats. Chocolates may also cause stomach disorders to cats as theobromine will not clear in the stomach easily.

In conclusion, it may not be a good idea to give your cat something that may harm it even though in small quantities. To answer the quiz, can cats drink milk, you can consider giving it almond milk or water to avoid health complications. Further, with a good automatic cat feeder, your cat might be motivated to drink a lot.

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