How Long Do Parrots Live? [70 years and MORE & Report]

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So you want to know how long your parrots could live, right? You found the right information guide…

Parrots are probably the most loved pets by homeowners. The interest is predetermined by several factors, but their ability to mimic human words with ease is just brilliant.

If you already have one, I am sure you spend most of the time around them, feeding them, teaching them to talk, playing with them, or perhaps having them sing for you. You must have fostered a rosy relationship that you wouldn’t like them ill or dead.

But how long do parrots live?

The longevity of your parrot is influenced by several factors including their species, size, environment, where they are bred among other aspects.

Species; There are about 350 species of parrots that have been identified in the world. As a result, their lifespan varies depending on each species. Whether your parrot is a cockatoo, Macaw, Amazon Parrot, Parakeet or cockatiel, it’s lifespan is different from another.

Size; Even though there’s no valid proof that correlates the longevity of a parrot to its size, there’s a direct relation to this aspect. The larger the parrot, the longer the years it will live by and vice versa.

Environment; The lifespan of a parrot will depend on where they are born, where they grow and breed and so on. Any slight disturbance to their natural environment will negatively affect their lifespan.

If you have had questions on how long do parrots live in captivity you have an idea.

Due to these factors and other determinants, some of the parrots have been enlisted as extinct or endangered species due to inhumane disturbance to their eco-system.

Let us look at some of the lifespans of common parrot species;

Below is a list of common parrots that are adopted by many homeowners. If you own one in the list, you can be able to manage your abilities to take care of them. List based on those with life-long spans to the least lifespan:

  • Macaw Parrots are expected to live between 50 – 100 Years.
  • Cockatoos are second in the rank. They can live between 40 – 70 years.
  • The African Grey and Amazon Parrots have a lifespan between 30 – 60 Years.
  • The Caique and Conure species live up to 30 Years.
  • The smaller Parrot species like the Lorikeet and Lories live between 13- 25 Years.
  • The Cockatiel and Parakeet Parrot live up to 20 Years.

This is just a snippet on how long various parrot species could live. Taking good care, improving their hygiene and keeping them in a safe environment is essential for your parrot’s survival.

Parrots are among the pet birds that have the longest lifespan. So, why do parrots live so long?

There are different scientific pieces of evidence that trying to provide answers to why birds live so long. However, this is heavily dependent on the factors discussed above as well as each parrot species’ ability to escape predation. Nonetheless, parrots are believed to have a higher metabolism, body temperature, and glucose. Coupled with other assistive natural mechanisms prevents them from rapid aging.

Most importantly, it is literally difficult to determine the age of a given parrot species if you’re looking for signs and symptoms of aging. However, with this guide, you cannot go wrong in determining how long your parrot would live. Read also how to teach parrots to talk!

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