German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix [Shottie Facts]

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Mix breed pets could be the ultimate solution for your pet needs. If you are looking for a smart, yet brave dog breed, then a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix could be your best bet. It makes a great ‘mix’ of these qualities, ultimately becoming a good companion. This blog post will serve as a guide to knowing all about a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix dog breed.

Know The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

If you want to know extensively about this breed, here’s the deal; we will let you know every bit of information that relates to German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix.

As the name suggests, this dog breed is a cross-breed of the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler. Depending on your location, this breed is also known as – Shottie, Rottie Shepherd, Rotten Shepherd, Rottweiler Shephard, or Shepweiler. Cool names? Yea, if you have heard any of those names, it refers to the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix!

Let’s look at the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix physical attributes

It might be difficult to positively state the attributes of this dog breed, and it will be a mix of characteristics from their parent genes, the German Shepherd, and the Rottweiler.

  •    German Shepherd – This is best known for its prowess in herding. It’s a tall, muscular, medium-sized dog breed, which weighs between 50 to 80 Pounds.
  •    Rottweiler – A rottweiler is best known for its working abilities. It’s a tall, powerful, muscular, large dog, which weighs around 80 to 120 Pounds.

The attributes of the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix will, therefore, depend on the physique of either dog breed, but will exhibit traits of the breed whose genes take dominance.

Skin color and Coating

You will find this dog breed in different coloring, mostly in black, gray, white, cream or a blend of the colors. Most of the color attributes are picked from the German Shepherd genes while their facial features are taken after the Rottweiler.

German shepherds have a thick, medium-length coat while a Rottweiler has a thick, short coat. From these attributes, the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix will portray identical coats as their parent or a blend of the two coats from their parent breeds.

What about their behavioral attributes?

Even though behavioral traits could be inherited from the parent dog breed, a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is intelligent, loyal, confident, and alert.

When it comes to intelligence and loyalty, the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler have the best of these traits. Therefore, a breed of the two will portray double intelligence and loyalty.

Confidence and guarding traits are dominant in a Shepweiler since their parents are bold and extremely confident. So, if you are getting this pet breed for security reasons of your home, you should not worry.

Know about a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Puppy

So you want to know about this dog breed puppy? Well, to obtain a healthy puppy, you have to consider the attributes of each parent dog. Know the dominating genetic attributes through testing, so that you can discredit any health issues that affect your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Puppy.

You should make sure that they have higher scores on their hip and elbows. Also, make sure that their parents have a flat back, and do not walk on their torsal. It is also essential to find a good dog food brand that will promote the growth of your puppy.

Depending on your needs, whether nurturing your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Puppy for herding or work, train them to do this at young stages of their life.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Training

If you consider training your dog for good behavior or some tasks around your home, choosing a Shepweiller will amaze you. Their parent breeds are intelligent, friendly and learn quickly. You should expect nothing less from a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix!

It is vital to train your Rottie Shepherd, while they’re still puppies. This enhances their socialization and handling needs by their owners. Introducing them to people, children and neighborhoods, makes them get familiar and comfortable with your home.

There are different training approaches you could use to instill good behaviour in your dog. This could either be a reward approach to motivate them to learn or a punishment approach to prevent picking lousy behaviour. The training approach you choose will enhance the primary attributes of the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix as an aggressive yet friendly dog breed.

The lifespan of a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

It is difficult to predict the lifespan of a Shepweiler, but a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix lifespan is between 10 to 13 years. The lifespan will be a trait from their parent lifespans.

However, like any other pet, the Rottie Shepherd will live as longs diseases do not attack them, they eat the best dog foods, and they live in favorable environments. Various studies about this cross-breed have shown that the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is prone to eye diseases.


The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a confident, loyal, good-natured dog that you can keep in your home. However, the problem is that some of the traits vary from one dog to another. You cannot explicitly predict the qualities of your shepweiler. But here’s what you can do, you can choose to adopt your German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix as opposed to buying.

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