Albino Snakes – Unique Snake Pet [In-depth Brief]

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There are different color shades for snakes. Many snakes have black color in their scales. However, there is a percentage of snakes that lack a black pigment on their scales. These are the snakes we refer to as albino snakes. There are different types of albino snakes. Below is a brief discussion of some of them. Do not forget to check our pet names section for various cool and unique pet names.


Albino python snake is a very docile snake that is very easy to handle. Though they are constricting animals, they are not known to attack unless when mishandled. They grow 3-5 feet and have a lifespan of 20-30 years. When they feel threatened, they coil themselves and hide their head in the coil. They are not that active snake species and therefore when housing them, a small cage is fine for them. Being albino, they lack a black pigment and are often in white and orange goldish or yellow color. Their eyes and tongue are pink in color.


Burmese pythons have very many color shades. Due to them being now more prominent for captivity and raised in cages, there are now green, tiger and albino Burmese snakes. This species of a snake need a lot more commitment and therefore not fit for people with lots of activities in their life. When you are around them, you should be very cautious and handle them gently. They are known to cause death due to their bold character around people. Though they don’t bite, they can constrict you to death.

Albino Burmese pythons can grow to 15 feet. Female albino Burmese are bigger and longer than the male. Their lifespan is up to twenty-five years and can be even more when reared in a cage.



These are a type of corn snakes that lack melanin in their bodies. They are common in yellow, red, white and orange colors. Their eyes have the same color. The snow corn snake is one type of albino corn snake. It often has yellow and pink colors. Its yes are also pink in color with a dark pink colored pupil. Its care and maintenance have no difference with other corn snakes. Only their color makes them different.


Albino king snakes are one of the most snakes kept in captive. They are not a favorite species to rear around children due to their habit of biting due to their heavy appetite. They have a wide range of colors from dark brown and creamy yellow, pale brown and yellow, pale purple and cream and pale pink and cream with pink eyes. Its albinism is as a result of recessive genes which could be caused by unfavorable factors during embryo development. They do not thrive in the wild due to their inability to camouflage and therefore very visible to predators, they also fragile and have poor eye visual. Breeding them in captivity does them better than when in the wild.


Albino rattlesnakes are one of the most highly-evolving snakes in the world. Not only do they have a warning posture, but also produce a buzzing sound when they hold their tails vertically and vibrates the rattle. Each time the snake sheds, it produces a new segment of rattles hence its name. Albino rattlesnakes are highly venomous thus not good pets.


Whether you are handling your pet at home, it is important to keep yourself safe. As much as many pets are not venomous, its fangs can cause you a lot of pain and damage if the snake bites you. It is there important to wear safety gloves that will protect you from snake bites. The gloves are made of a thick material that is resistant to snake bites. It not only helps you to protect yourself from them, but it also helps you handle them with confidence. You can get a pair of these protective gloves in

Albino snakes are very colorful snakes and many snake keepers opt to keep them due to their beauty. If you are looking into keeping a snake pet, an albino snake is a great place to start.  


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