How To Keep Cats Teeth Clean Without Brushing?

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Are you a cat or kitten fan? Do you have trouble keeping your cat’s oral health and wellness on track? Confused about the right dental products for your cat? If you are experiencing any of these problems, then here we provide every relevant detail on how to keep cat’s teeth clean without brushing but using other better alternatives.

Your cat’s dental health is as important as your oral hygiene. In fact, veterinarians recommend yearly dental cleaning and checkups for cats. This is crucial since they are exposed to plaque and tartar buildup from the food they eat, which would lead to the development of germs and harmful bacteria. Lots of dental practices are available to keep your pet’s oral hygiene at the top, but brushing seems to be the most common and effective.

Unfortunately, it is not always an easy task to brush your cat’s teeth. Your cat may not like it as well! Brushing gives them an odd sensation and feeling. However, persistent cleaning and training will enhance their acceptance of brushing. So what else can you do without brushing? Will other alternatives keep their cat squeaky clean?

The best alternatives on how to keep cats teeth clean without brushing

While every problem has a solution, there is a perfect solution for the best alternative for your kitty’s teeth cleaning products. Read on to identify the benefits of each of these alternatives to brushing cats teeth.

Here is the deal, we have an authoritative rundown of these options;

  1.    Use cat teeth cleaning treats.
  2.    Feed your cat with quality cat food.
  3.    Utilize cat teeth cleaning products.

The three options above, have been proven to work for most cats. You can try each at a time and find out which suits your pet. Most importantly, choose the option that is convenient for you and one that keeps your cat’s dental hygiene and oral health at its best. Well, let us delve into each of them;

Cat teeth cleaning treats

A variety of dental treats are available in pet shops for your cat. They are the easiest ways in which you can use to keep your cat’s teeth clean effortlessly. However, quality and choice of cleaning treat play a vital role. You have to choose one that offers maximum benefit to your cat’s overall health and wellness. Cleaning treats are highly effective as brushing your cat teeth with a toothbrush and paste.

When your cat chews off the treat, they scrap off the already built up plaque and tartar. To achieve excellent results, choose a treat that has been enriched with ingredients that prevent further buildup while keeping your cat’s breath fresh. Importantly, these cat teeth cleaning treats are delicious, and your cat may not even realize the heck the trouble they are saving you by savoring each.

Feeding on quality cat food

You could be asking why we chose this as an alternative on how to keep cats teeth clean without brushing. While feeding on high quality and healthy food enhances the health of your pet, these foods are known to keep your cat’s oral hygiene in check. These foods will nourish your cat’s body, better still enhance teeth growth, making them stronger and improving their overall wellbeing.

Cat food with grains and by-products are unhealthy for your cat and enhance buildup of plaque on the teeth. Poor quality cat food lowers your cats immune health and dental health, keeping your cat’s teeth less strong.

The best foods that will certainly keep your cat’s teeth clean without brushing are healthy meals enriched with natural ingredients, enzymes, supplements and bones for cats teeth. This combination should help break down plaque and tartar while still killing germs and bacteria. However, it is important to keep cats teeth healthy and dental health in check, despite that you are feeding your pet a healthy meal. A regular checkup is recommended.

Some of the best cat teeth cleaning products

Other than dental treats and quality foods, there is an excellent option on how to clean your cat’s teeth. Depending on the convenience and ease of use, you should find the best product that will keep cat’s teeth clean without brushing. Some of them are highly effective, while others are relatively useful and comparatively great alternative to brushing your cat teeth.

These products include but not limited to dental wipes, dental gels, water additives, chew toys for cats and many more.

Dental wipes: Even though this option is not as convenient as other options, it works and leaves great results. Technically, you have to wrap the wipe around your finger and move it along your cat’s teeth as if you were brushing. However, using dental wipes for cat teeth cleaning requires training and is relatively time-consuming.
Using dental and oral gels for cats: Gels for cats are the best alternative to brushing. They are enriched with enzymes that kill germs and bacteria, ultimately preventing tooth decay, gum diseases, irritation and tartar buildup. On the flip side, gels have to be used daily, making it a lesser option for people with tight schedules.
Drinking water with additives: in this case, you have to pour some plaque and tartar remover into your cat’s drinking water. This alternative works in a similar way as dental gels, but this one is less efficient and will necessitate ensuring your cat is drinking the water.

Chew toy for cats: similar to dental treats chew toys are abrasive and help scrub off the plaque on your cat teeth, and also massage their gums. These toys are enriched with catnip which encourages your cat to be nimble on them. However, you may face some resistance your cat failing to nibble on them. But you can buy some catnip to sprinkle on the toy to spark interest.

The bottom line is that you do not have to get worried about how often you should brush your cat’s teeth. With the alternatives discussed above on how to keep cats teeth clean without brushing, you have an in-depth guide on the best dental products that inspire dental wellness. Also, you will identify that their oral and dental hygiene will improve significantly. Depending on your schedules and convenience, choose one method that suits both you and your kitty.  

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