Can Pug Eye Pop Out! Really? [How to Avoid Proptosis]

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Would you happen to own a pug or maybe you are just wondering if pugs eyes can pop out. A pug is a dog breed with a short muzzle and nose. Most pugs from what I learned is they are prone to a medical condition known as Ocular proptosis. This is the protrusion of the eyeballs. Before getting a pug, you should go through all the information here. That way, you will learn about the health issue concerning the dog from the research I have carried out. 

So can pug eye pop out? Well, The eyes do pop out but only in some instances like pulling his skin too hard or the dog being traumatized. This, therefore, means you should be extra keen when handling the dog.

Do Pugs Have Eye Problems?

Unfortunately, Pugs do have eye problems. Some of the eye problems can be inherited while others will develop on their own. The worst part is that some of these diseases if not treated early enough, might cause blindness. Additionally, the dog has protruding eyes, which increases the chances of the cornea getting punctured. This condition is painful, and a vet should be visited immediately if such occurs. If the case is severe, surgery is done. So to be on the safe side, avoid driving while your dog head is out the window or throwing a stick at them while playing. The eyes can also pop out when the dog is fighting. These are some of the most common ways I found that pugs hurt their eyes. 

What Is Pug Eye Proptosis?

What Is Pug Eye Proptosis

Pug eye proptosis is the medical term given to dog breed whose eyeballs are displaced beyond the eyelids. Mostly, dog breeds with pug eye proptosis have protruding eyes with short muzzles and noses. This condition is often due to trauma. Dogs with this medical condition have shallow orbits or in other words shallow eye sockets. Pugs eye pop is not as common as you might think but I would advise taking extra caution when handling your dog. This condition always looks worse than it actually is. If pugs eye popped out and the owner acts immediately, the eyes can be saved. They can be reattached and the dog will regain sight. 

What Do You Do If Your Pug Eye Pop Out?

Pug eye proptosis is not that serious of an issue; if your pug’s eyes pop out, you will need to act as quickly as possible. That requires immediate attention. What you should first do is to make sure that the eye and the eye socket do not dry out. This can be done by getting a saline-soaked gauze and putting it over the eyeball and the eye socket. With this done, rush the dog to a vet as quickly as possible. The dog will also get frightened and will try to scratch with their paws so you should make sure that he stays calm. What to keep in mind is that once you place the gauze over the eye, you should not take it off. If you cannot make it to a vet within an hour, you should consider popping the eyes back in yourself. This should be done with clean hands and if the eye is swollen, don’t force.

How Do I Protect My Pugs Eyes?

This the question I’m asked most of the time. The most important thing you can do is invest in the well being of your dog. By this, I mean having a vet who is readily available and makes sure your dog is insured. You should also learn some basic techniques like cleans your pug’s eyes to prevent irritations or infections. You should also avoid throwing things at your dog when playing. Also like mentioned earlier, don’t drive while his head is out the window to protect his cornea- the outer protection of the eye-from puncturing. 

How To Prevent Pug Eye Problems

By now am sure you have some basic idea on how you can take care of your pug’s eyes. Here is some additional information. You should never smoke your house while the dog is in as this will irritate his eyes. On top of that, you should regularly check your dog’s eyes to remove dirt around the eyes. This should be done at least three times a day. In the same vein, when cleaning your dog or brushing his fur, be careful the loose hair don’t enter his eyes. There is also Arava eye cleaner which comes in very handy when it comes to cleaning dirt from the pug’s eyes. To top this up, you should take your dog for regular check-ups. 

How Often Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out?

To be honest, It happens in very rare occasion. You should not stress about this if you own a pug. All you have to do is be careful not to pull his skin too hard and make sure you take care of the dog’s eyes. We have already talked about the ways to prevent pug eyes problem. Be keen with those steps and you will not have to worry about pug eye pop out.

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How To Pop A Dog’s Eye Back In

This condition can be fatal if not looked into as quickly as it should be. Your dog could lose eyesight. You wouldn’t want that, so if such a case occurs, immediate attention is required. The first thing you should do is keep the eye moist and take the dog to a veterinary. If you are sure you won’t make it to get to the doctor, here is how you can pop the eye back in yourself. Just to mention, doing this on your own can be very scary, and you should only do it if you are courageous enough.

Firstly, you will have to thoroughly clean your hands to prevent infections

Secondly, make sure the dog’s eye socket is moist

Thirdly, get the eyeball and place it back in. Be careful and don’t use so much pressure.

If the socket is swollen and the eyeball won’t fit, don’t force it. You will need vet assistance.

Dog Eye Popped Out Surgery Cost

With the little knowledge I have gained from my research, the cost will actually depend on the condition. If the condition is serious, the price will go up. This should, therefore, be between you and the veterinary. Some doctors are also more expensive than others.

Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out When They Sneeze?

Pugs eyes Proptosis occur when the is pressure around the eyes. When their skin is hardly pulled, their eyes will pop out. There is a level of pressure that the eyelids can withstand. If the pressure goes beyond, the pugs’ eyes pop out. I Haven’t heard of cases when a pug sneezes and the eyes pop out. The pressure is just not sufficient to pop the eyes out.

Why Do Pugs Eyes Go Outward?

From my understanding, the main reason why a pug’s eyes go outward is due to pressure on the eyelids which makes the eyes pop. This most common to brachycephalic breeds where the pugs fall. This breed of dogs has a short muzzle and shallow eye sockets. As a result, if their skin is pulled too hard, their eyes pop out. Such dog breeds should be handled very carefully. And check-ups should be a regular thing if you own a pug.

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