Dog Basic Commands [Smart Training Tips]

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Many blog readers very offer are asking me how to teach dog basic commands for instance how to teach their dogs to bark on command. So now we will show you how to teach your dog to give this commend.

I hope that you have already found out what your dog really loves.

You will give it to your dog as a prize.

How to Teach Your Dog to Bark On Command – Dog Basic Commands

First, give the command “bark”, “speak” or “talk” and see that your dog will do.

Be patient as your dog can give you different sound at the beginning. It can be a yawn, a snort or a sneeze. Whatever it will be you need to reward it all. Doing this, you give your dog a sign that the sound you want to hear from your dog.

In the beginning, your dog may not know exactly what you expect from him, therefore, do not be surprised if the sound is silent and shy. I am sure that within time your dog will gain confidence and start doing this commend with fun and confidence.

On subsequent attempts, you can ignore sneezing and snorting and start rewarding the dog only for the release of a full, loud voice. It only depends on you whether you teach your dog to bark once or whether he has to bark a few times.

If you want him to bark only once, give him a reward quickly after the first sound he made. If you want to bark several times, give the command “speak” and wait with rewarding the dog until you get a few barks.

How to Teach Your Dog the Quiet Command?

One of the best things about learning to “speak” is that we can also teach the dog, not to bark or “quiet” commands.

In everyday life, this second skill is much more useful than barking. When we want to silence the dog, we often shout, “Calm down! Silence! “Which sounds like barking in his ears.

And we’re barking together at best. ?

The dog is having a great time, and we are having more and more frustration.

Before we start demanding silence from the dog, we must first learn what it means.

We start the silence with the command when the dog can bark on the command. We ask him to bark, however, this time we do not give him a reward for it. Instead, we say “quiet” and reward the dog as soon as it becomes silent.

You have to show your reflexes here to give your dog a prize before trying to bark again. With time, these moments of silence can be extended until the dog learns that “quiet” simply means no barking.

How to Teach Your Dog to Sit

“Sit” is the most popular commends to teach your dog.

Even if you do not plan a sports career for your dog, you should teach him to sit on the command and stay in that position politely.

Sitting is also useful as substitute behavior. If we do not want the dog to jump, squeeze through the door, jump out like crazy from the car … etc, we can offer him to sit down.

In this post, I wanted to describe to you how to teach a dog to sit down using the click method.

Traditionally, owners learned to sit down by pressing the dog’s backs to the ground, and sometimes the entire process of licking the scratches helped. The dog wanted to avoid the pain, he sat, that is, the effective method …. … If you want to force a dog to behave normally, the dog usually reacts the opposite way. So if you press the dog’s backside, the dog will do everything not to sit down.

In my opinion, a much better, more intuitive and dog-friendly method, not to say a humane method, is the click-through method.

It allows you to teach the dog the command without contact.

How to do it?


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