Best Lizards For Pets [4 Great for Beginners]

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Are you thinking of getting a lizard pet and asking the question which is the best lizards for pets?

If you are, you will want to know some of the best lizards for pets. Before getting a new pet, it is always advisable to do some research.

That way, you will have some general knowledge of the pet you are about to get. This is also the case when getting a lizard pet.

You should know how to take care of the lizard, know what they eat, the ease of care, among many other things.

For most beginners, this is the hardest part. The fear of not knowing can even make you give up on getting the new pet.

Well, in this post, I will be answering some of these questions and help you decide which is the best lizard for you. Here are some of the best recommendations.


Which are the best lizards for pets? My list of best lizards for pets includes the leopard gecko, bearded dragon, Crested gecko, Anoles, and Blue Tongue Skink. I chose these as the top lizards for pets considering their ease of care, their adaptivity, ability to handle and the foods they eat. I also found other factors that I have discussed below to choose these lizards.


LEOPARD GECKO-best lizard for petMost experienced pet owners and vets would recommend the leopard gecko for first-timers.

Here is an interesting fact.

These geckos are among the widely kept reptile pets. They are charming in their ways. Taking care of them is easy as they do not require a huge space or any special equipment.

They are just the perfect size growing to a length of 25cm and have a lifespan of over 20 years. These leopards come in a variety of colors and marks which are different from other leopard geckos which makes them interesting.

They are friendly with a ‘smiley face’ always. They do not require any special treatment like lighting or temperature. Their care is very easy and they will feed on insects like crickets and sometimes worms.


      Their diet is very basic

      Require no special lighting

      They are small in size

      Have interesting color patterns

      They are docile


dwarf-bearded-dragon-best lizard for petsThe Bearded dragon is also a popular reptile pet. It’s a very good companion and easy to take care of.

This reptile appreciates being handled and loves attention. For those pet owners who like to play with their pets, you will appreciate this one.

The price to pay is getting some special equipment and somehow complex nutrition.

They feed on sweet potatoes, worms, pepper, and leafy green. In return, you will get social, easy to handle and tame nature of the bearded dragon.

Having the bearded dragon around will always amaze you due to their fascinating behaviors.

An interesting fact about the bearded dragon is that apart from basking, they prefer spending their time in the bushes. 


      They are easy to tame

      Love attention and being handled

      They are social

      Interesting to watch

      They have a friendly nature.


CRESTED GECKO-best lizard for petsFrom most of my experience, very few pet lizards come close to the Crested gecko when it comes to the ease of keeping.

You will need to do very little to keep the lizard happy.

These geckos can thrive under any conditions. They do not require any special lighting or temperatures. They have a docile temperament.

What makes them so popular as pet lizards is their ease of feeding. They eat any food that other lizards eat. Mostly insects and fruits. They can also thrive when fed commercial foods.

An interesting fact is that you cannot find any two crested geckos that look the same. 


       Require no special treatment

       They are docile

       Easy to feed

       No UVB lighting required


anole-best lizard for petsApart from their small size when young, A fully grown anole makes a very good pet.

Anoles require very little from the owner apart from a small tank with access to UVB light and a thermometer to keep the environment warm.

They will thrive with common lizard foods such as crickets.

Easy to handle even when they are in a bad mood. Most beginners like to play with their new pets.

This lizard will have no issue with being handled. Here is a cool fact about the anoles.

The green anole can change its color depending on the mood.


       Their food is easy to get

       Easy to handle

       Interesting to see them change colors

       They are affordable


BLUE TONGUE SKINK-best lizard for petsThe blue-tongued skink makes a very good pet among farmers. They help reduce the population of slugs and snails. They are very friendly and gentle which is why they are recommended for beginners. Their jaws are really strong and you should, therefore, try hard not to get bitten. Don’t be scared this hardly happens. You should provide lighting in his tank and a thermometer to keep the temperatures to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They are omnivores which means they feed on bananas, strawberries, carrots, green beans, melons, super worms and more. Their food is easy to find. They are easy to take care of. Their friendly nature makes them good pets even among kids.


       They are friendly and gentle

       Their food is readily available

       They can survive under different humidities.

Lizards can be among the best pets to have if you know their requirements. I know it is a bit difficult for first-timers, but after spending more time with them, you get used to them and understand them better.

Before we continue, let’s see if lizards are suitable to be kept as pets.

Are Lizards Good Pets?

I would say that the choice of pets depends on the interests of someone. Some will prefer cats or turtles or dogs, while others will prefer snakes or lizards. From my experience, most people who choose lizards as their pets since they entice them by their small size, their ease of care, personality, handleability, and their availability. These are some of the things that categorize lizards as good pets. Let us now look at some of the friendliest reptiles to have as pets.

What Is The Easiest Lizard To Keep As A Pet?

According to me, most experienced pet owners, the leopard gecko is the easiest lizard to keep as a pet. This is because they are small, they are easy to feed, easy to handle though not at all times, they can take a variety of temperatures and do not require any special lighting. For their diet, they eat crickets and mealworms. Very easy to find in the market. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns, which brings in the uniqueness aspect. For beginners, keeping the leopard gecko should be very easy. I would recommend him to most people looking to get a lizard as a pet.

Can You Keep A Lizard As A Pet?

Yes, some lizards make perfect pets. Some of them are very easy to handle and require very little from the keeper. Some of the best lizards to keep as pets are the leopard gecko, the bearded dragon, crested gecko, and the blue tongue skink.

Related Questions

What Is A Good Reptile Pet For Beginners?

There are numerous reptile pets that a beginner will enjoy and find very easy to take care of. These reptiles include the ball python, Turtles, lizards such as the leopard gecko and the bearded dragon, and also the corn snake. These reptiles are docile, and they hardly bite. You should feel comfortable when they are around you.

What Is The Friendliest Reptile For A Pet?

#1 The Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is among the friendliest reptiles. This species loves attention, and they appreciate being handled all the time. This is what most people are looking for when getting a pet for themselves. They are also easy to care for due to their small size and their straight forward requirements. The bearded dragons are omnivores meaning they need plants animals and insects in their diet. They should get fresh vegetables each day. When taken good care of, they can live for more than 8 years. In addition to their requirements, they should get UV rays from the sun for the sake of their bones.

#2 Turtles And Tortoises

Turtles And TortoisesTurtles and tortoises are magnificent animals to keep as pets when you are willing to be dedicated. I say this as they require so much when starting. For the turtles, you will have to get an aquarium for them. The tank should include a basking area, a powerful filter, clean water, UVB lighting among others. Once all this is set, their care becomes very easy. Turtles feed on fish, snails, slugs, boiled eggs, vegetables, and fruits. Here is a cool fact about tortoises and turtles. A turtle is a tortoise, but a tortoise is not a turtle. With this in mind, a turtle will do everything a tortoise can but not vice versa. A tortoise cannot swim while a turtle spends most of its time in the water. They make perfect pets all in all.

#3 The Blue Tongue Skink

The blue tongue skinks are very easy to interact with, which makes them suitable as pets. Their ease of interaction is due to their curious nature. They like to move around and see new things which are very satisfying to watch. You should, therefore, make a tank for him with decors and ensure you change the appearance of the tank every once in a while. These reptiles like proper care and you are therefore required to provide the attention needed. They are bound to live for more than 20 years when taken care of properly. They can grow to a length of 24 inches, which is not bad for a pet

#4 The Ball Python

Ball PythonBall pythons are among the snakes that people keep widely as pets. They are very friendly, and although they are pythons, they are known as non-venomous constrictors. They are known as ball pythons due to their tendency to roll into a ball and hiding their heads in the middle when they are threatened. Most of them are dark brown with goldish patterns. What makes them fit as pets is their size. They are just the perfect size for a pet, and they do not bite. However, due to their blurry vision, if you placed your hand very close, they will bite in their defense. When in captivity, they can live for more than 35 years and barely 20 when in the wild. Ball pythons feed on birds, mice, and shrews.

#5 The Corn Snake

Corn SnakeCorn snakes are also widely kept due to their attractive colors. They have a gradient of red and orange with a fading yellow on their stomachs. These snakes are very peaceful. Most people keep them as pets for their ease care, the tolerance to be handled for long periods, and their character. These snakes are also one of the best pets for a home with kids. Their lifespan is about 10 years in the wild and over 20 years when in captivity. These snakes are easy to feed as they feed on eggs, mice, rodents, and birds. You will have no problem having the corn snake as your pet.

Summing Up

In this article, I have tried to answer some of the most asked questions about reptile pets. I have also mentioned some of the best lizards for pets and reptiles in general. You should have an easy time understanding your pet with this little information.

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