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All living animals require humidity for survival. Failure to this will lead to effects such as drying of the fluids in our bodies which is very fatal. The range of humidity levels that humans need should be between 30 to 60%. With this in mind, chameleons as well need humidity. Their need for humidity is more as they require a range of 50 to 70% although this relative to the turtle species. This, therefore, means that if you own a chameleon as a pet you must ensure that there is enough humidity in his cage. 

Also, chameleons are among the few reptiles that consume water from trees and other surfaces. Their cage should always have a humidity level of more than 70 %. These reptiles also require humidity when they shed. This is among the reasons their need for humidity is high. Humidity plays a very important role in their shedding. It makes the process easy. Low humidity levels slow down the process and make it difficult to shed. Keeping the humidity at the right levels is very possible with misting systems. If you are just starting, you can do it manually with a spray bottle. The only downside with this method is that you may forget to keep the cage humid. Check alco great lizard names list here.

Best Misting System for Chameleon

Several misting systems are good. Here are the best misting systems for chameleon that I would highly recommend.

Exo-terra monsoon solo high-pressure misting system is among the best misting systems out there. This is because it is big enough to carry about half a gallon of water and it is easily programable to your requirements. This is very handy when you have a chameleon for a pet as they require too much hydration. The system also has two nozzles that can be adjusted to ensure that the whole enclosure gets misted. Check the price.

The biggest plus for this system is that it is portable. It is also programmable to allow misting at different intervals. The downside is that it is small n size because it is portable. The nozzles are adjustable. The product is easy to set up and is also cheap. Buy here.

This system is perfect at replicating the tropical rainforest environment. The system is compact and small in size however, the fogger is easy to refill. This fogger contains ultrasonic plates that condense the water into the fog and leaving some droplets to drink water. This ends up creating a very perfect environment. When you get this system, you will have to purchase the automating system separately. This is among the best misting systems out there. Check the price.

This system is a portable pressure sprayer. It is equipped with nozzles that are adjustable and will lock where you point them for continuous spraying. This system is cheap and will ensure that the terrarium conditions are maintained. Amazon’s choice – check the price here.

How Do You Mist A Chameleon?

Misting a chameleon is relative to the chameleon. Some will like it while others will not. Some will run into hiding when you mist them directly while some will even take sips as you mist them directly. You should just learn what your chameleon prefers. 

To mist chameleons, you will need a spray bottle. To prevent the chameleon from running into hiding, you can start spraying the environment so that the chameleon can see what you are doing. You then move the spray to him gradually. Spraying the chameleon may have some advantages such as cleaning his eyes and the places he is wounded and also for a shower. When spraying directly on him, make sure that he does not suffocate. Do not target his eyes directly, you can direct the water at an angle that is just above the chameleon. The little water that falls on him will do the job. When the waterfalls on his eyes, he will blink, and move the eye around to clean the eye. You should do this once in a while in addition to the misting provided by the misting systems.

How Do I Build A Reptile Misting System?

Although there are misting systems out there that you can buy to hydrate your chameleon, you might want to make one yourself. You will need a 10-gallon plastic bucket, a chlorine neutralizer, a plastic stick, a 50-watt aquarium heater, a mini aquarium submersible pump, a small tube of 100percent nontoxic silicone sealer, 2 pieces of irrigation tube, plastic inline t-piece, irrigation mist nozzle, and an electric timer. 

The first step is to add the chlorine neutralizer to the 10-gallon plastic bucket with water. Place this bucket behind the terrarium. 

The next step is to smear the 100 percent nontoxic silicone sealer around the inner circumference of the reducer. This reducer tube should be pushed into the nozzle of the exhaust pump. 

Leave them to cure for a full day. The thermostat should be set for 75 degrees Fahrenheit then place the heater in the bucket. One end of the 2-inch long irrigation tube should be pushed into the reducer tube and smeared with the non-toxic silicone. Allow it dry. 

Once these irrigation tubes are done being installed, you should set a timer for 3 minutes every 4 hours and plug into the electric timer the mini submersible pump. Mount the timer onto a wall and turn it on. Adjust the amount of water that is pumped through the nozzles.

How Often Should I Mist My Panther Chameleon?

How Often Should I Mist My Panther Chameleon

A panther chameleon will need misting at least twice a day. This is to ensure they drink water thoroughly on those two occasions as it is required. Other than hydrating, they will need the water to clean their eyes and for relative humidity. To achieve the twice a day misting, you will need an automatic misting system that can be set to spike short cycles of about five minutes twice a day. Several misting systems can be set. Others are already set at manufacture and you just have to choose the one that suits your chameleon’s needs.

What Is The Best Reptile Misting System?

The best reptile misting system should ensure that your pet reptile is always hydrated. The system should keep the humidity of the environment where it is supposed to be always. The humidity levels should be always around 30 to 90%. This is what is required by most reptiles. The system should, therefore, be able to achieve this every day. 

There are several reptile misting systems but the one I would recommend the most is the EXO-TERRA MONSOON SOLO HIGH PRESSURE MISTING SYSTEM-the premium pick. This system is big enough carrying about half a gallon of water. The system can be programmed to your liking. This is very handy especially when you own a chameleon that needs hydrating now and then. This misting system also has two flexible nozzles. This ensures that the whole enclosure is hydrated. The noise it produces is not disturbing once you get used to it.

How Do I Set Up Reptirain?

Setting up Reptirain can be difficult at times. You may set it up and find that it does not work. You will need batteries that are not included in the package. The system requires four c batteries. You can program the system for different spray intervals which include every 3 hours, 6 and 12 hours. Each spray can last intervals of 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds. To mount this system, there are adjustable mounting hooks. The only thing remaining now is to plug in and play.

How Does A Reptile Fogger Work?

Reptile foggers are just like humidifiers. They use the same concept to work. The difference between these two is that a fogger is smaller to fit in cages. The fogger works by converting water to vapor. When the water is converted to vapor, the cage remains hydrated. The water condenses on the walls of the cage providing droplets of water to be drunk by your pet. Foggers are very efficient but they require a lot of maintenance. If you had many pet reptiles, this would not be the best solution. When getting a fogger, you should get an ultrasonic fogger as it does not heat up.

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