What Are The Cutest Snake Breeds
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To the snake lovers. Have you ever wondered what the cutest snake breeds are? There came a time when I wanted to get a pet snake for myself. Since I always want the best for myself, I had to research on what are some of the cutest snake breeds in the word. I dived into research, and here is what I found out.

What are the cutest snake breeds?

What are the cutest snake breeds? I found out the cutest snake breeds include the hognose snake, corn snake, carpet python, the African ball python among others. All these snakes are always very calm and will hardly ever bite the owner. They are fun to have as pets. They are all different in a unique way, starting from their color to their shape and size. 

I would assure you that you will have a soft spot for either of these snakes. They are all adorable and choosing either will be upon your preference. Will you go for the color, their size, their shape, the behavior, or the ease to take care of the snake? Stay tuned to know more about these snakes. That way you will be able to make the right decision when getting one for yourself. 

Hognose Snakes – the cutest snake breeds

Hognose Snakes

On top of the list, we have the hognose snake. Hognose snakes are easily distinguished from other snakes by the shape of their head. They have an upturned snout. This will help them to dig up soil and sandy areas. They dig by moving their snout from side to side. About their colors, there is a variety, but mostly, they will take up the color depending on their locality. Since they like to dig in the sand, most of them are brownish with marking of different colors.

These snakes are very easy to take care of but maybe a challenge to some owner. The problem comes in the diet. The hognose snake feeds on mice, rodents, eggs, and insects. Feeding him too many rodents may shorten his lifespan and bring him liver problems.

Although biting is not in their system, it does not mean that they cannot bite. When they feel threatened, they may bite to protect themselves. Their venom is however not poisonous to human beings. Most of the time they will pretend to be dead when they feel threatened. 

If they are not in captivity, these snakes are in the central United States and Northern Mexico. They like warm areas. These snakes are lovely to have as pets.

Corn Snakes – the cutest snake breeds

Corn Snakes

Corn snakes come second in my list of the cutest snake breeds to have as pets. These snakes are lovely to look at due to their attractive colors. They have a gradient of red and orange on their back and fading yellow on their stomach.

In the wild, they have a life span of 7 to 10 years. This changes when they are in captivity and their lifespan grows more than 20 years. 

The corn snake is very peaceful and is among the snake species that are kept widely as pets. This is due to the ease to take care of them and their ability to tolerate being handled for long periods. These snakes are also good with kids. You will have no problem having the snake with your kid around. 

As much as the snake is very friendly, he can also bite when he feels threatened. You should, therefore, try very much not to scare him. They have poor vision, and for this reason, you should not move your hand very close to the head.

This snake eats on mice, rodents, and eggs. In the wild, they climb trees to eat the unguarded eggs. These snakes can are in the east of the Mississippi River.

Carpet Pythons – the cutest snake breeds

Carpet Pythons

These pythons managed to get into the third position of the cutest snake breed. They are very docile and lovely at the same time. They have beautiful markings on their body like those of a carpet. Hence their name. The patterns can be black, or grey marked in yellow or brown color. They grow to be very big and can be about 3-4 meters.

A carpet pythons diet consists of mammals, birds, lizards. In the wild, they will kill their prey by constriction and devour them afterword. If you own other pets such as cats and small dogs, keep them away from him as he may turn them into his food. 

These lovely snake species are in mainland Australia. They love forested areas like southwest Australia and Indonesia. 

The carpet python is also among the most kept pet snake. Although some subspecies may not be very friendly, most of them grow to be very docile. You should always take care when you have kids around. 

African Ball Pythons – the cutest snake breeds

African Ball Pythons

The ball python is also among the cutest snakes according to me. Them being pythons, they are non-venomous constrictors. Most ball pythons are black or dark brown with gold and yellowish patterns. The stomach is cream. The patterns vary in shape. They have a small head, and the female ball python tends to be bigger than the male.

His name came from his tendency to roll into a ball hiding the head in the middle when they feel threatened. This is among their defense mechanism. They will find places to hide such as holes and underground hiding places. 

This snake is generally small making them the perfect fit for a pet. They are very friendly and calm. They will hardly strike, but they have teeth, and anything with teeth can bite. Try as much not to get your hand very close to his face.

They are in sub-Saharan Africa in countries like Mali, Senegal, Liberia, Guinea Bissau, and Ivory Coast. They feed on small mammals like the birds and mice and shrews. When taken really good care of, they can last for up to 35 years. In the wild, they can manage over 20 years. Read also how many teeth do ball pythons have?

What Are The Smallest Breeds Of Pet Snakes? 

Among the list of smallest breeds of pet snakes, there are the Bimini blind snake, ringneck snake, smooth green snake, scarlet king snake, the western hognose snake, and a garter snake. Their size ranges from small to medium size.

What Are The Friendliest Snakes?

To get some of the friendliest snakes, you may consider getting the corn snakes, ball pythons, Rosy boas, garter snakes, brown snakes, and king snakes. These snakes are good with humans, and they can take being handled by humans.

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Are Pet Snakes Dangerous?

Pet snakes are not dangerous to human beings. Although they may bite you at times, their venom cannot harm human beings. They are known to be friendly and very docile. Most of the time when the pet snakes strike, they do it since they feel threatened and want to protect themselves. You should get a snake that is manageable to avoid any risks.


To sum it up, what are the cutest snake breeds? These are snakes that are adorable and very friendly to human beings. They include the hognose snake, corn snake, carpet python, and the African ball python. With this article, I am sure you can wisely choose the cutest snake breed that you will be able to manage. If you need a great name for your snake dive here!

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