How Long Do Corn Snakes Live In Captivity? [In-Depth Guide]

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The most probable reason you are reading this is to find out how long corn snakes live in captivity. You have come to the right place. So, I will answer all your questions, including the ones not yet in your mind. I have a corn snake for a pet, and the day when I got him, I had as many questions as you have right now. Hope, I will save you all the time I used to research on my own. With the few years that I have spent with my corn snake, I have learned a lot about them. At first, I found it a little hard to take care of him as the snake requires so much attention, but I got used to it. I also found it a bit expensive to set up everything so that he can have a comfortable life. I am sure you are also in the same position. Stay tuned; I will help solve almost all the problems and help you understand your snake.

So precisely how long do corn snakes live in captivity? The snakes can live for up to 30 years. This is because the owner takes care of the snake and helps him live a comfortable and happy life. This, however, varies depending on a few factors like the different environment and the level of care. 

How Long Do Corn Snakes Live In Captivity?

Research has proven that corn snakes in captivity will live longer than corn snakes in the wild. So for how long will corn snakes live while in captivity? From what I have learned, the snake can live for over 20 years, although this varies. Stay tuned I will explain why it differs. In the wild, the snake can live for about 8 to 12 years. This is because the corn snakes face a lot of difficulties in the wild. Some of the challenges include an attack from predators, harsh weather conditions probably, Infections and diseases. These are some of the factors that reduce the life span of a corn snake. In captivity, the snake is taken care of by the owner, and most of the difficulties they experience in the wild are taken care of. This is what makes the difference between a pet snake and a wild snake. 

Corn Snake Lifespan

Like I mentioned earlier, a corn snakes’ lifespan will depend on a few factors. By approximation, the corn snake may live for a period of about 8 years and for even up to 30 years while in captivity.  Let’s look at how long the corn snake can live as a pet and what leads to that and the things you can do to keep your snake happy and live a longer life. I need not ask again, how long do corn snakes live in captivity? The number of years is dependent on factors like enclosure and habitat, the diet and health problems. These are very crucial. Just like human beings, your pet snakes also needs comfort, medical check-ups, and healthy life. The environment should be clean and with the right conditions for the snake to feel comfortable in. I have discussed the health issues, habitat, and diet below. Keep reading for more information.

Enclosure And Habitat Can Impact Life Expectancy

This has so much to do with life expectancy. Enclosure and habitat will have to do with the cleanliness of the environment, the humidity, temperature, and much more. I have noticed more often than when the conditions are not suitable for the snake, a lot of issues come, such as health problems arise. You don’t want your snake to get ill. This will reduce the life span. Here are the conditions suitable for corn snakes to live happily and for a long time. Although you keep him as your pet, you will need to replicate his habitat as much as possible to the natural habitat. This can be costly, but it is the very best recommendation. You will have to put up a dry forest and grassland.

The vivarium size and proper temperature

The vivarium should be as long as the size of the snake to ensure the snake can stretch fully. I came to understand that heating the enclosure is also essential. This is because a snake is a reptile, and reptiles do not produce their body heat. You should, therefore, create a temperature gradient where one side of the vivarium is kept cool while the other hand is provided with some heat. This will ensure that the snake chooses the right temperature where he feels comfortable. Although there is natural lighting in the vivarium, corn snakes in the wild like to bask in the sun. The sun contains visible light, ultraviolet, and heat. You should, therefore, provide all these in the vivarium. This can be done by implementing a UVA lamp and UVB, which is good for healthy bones and health in general. However, remember to switch off the lamps at night. On top of all these, you will need to fit the vivarium with clean water where the snake can submerge fully and drink water from. Ensure the water is always clean.

Humidity – an important factor

Another critical factor to consider is humidity. If the humidity is too high, the snake can get respiratory problems. I would suggest measuring the humidity with a digital hygrometer each day. The humidity should range between 40 to 50% and increase the ventilation if it is too high.

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How Diet Impacts Corn Snakes Life Expectancy

The diet is as crucial as the enclosure and the habitat. Mostly, corn snakes feed on mice. For fully grown corn snakes, you can feed them with rats. What you should consider is the size of the food should not be 1.5 times the size of the fullest part of the snake. For a change in diet, you can feed quails to the snake but thoroughly defrost the quails before. You should feed the snake once every week. Feeding the snake more often will make him unhealthy, and you also don’t want to starve your pet. 

Health Problems To Watch For In Aging Corn Snakes

Unhealthy snakes die faster. As much as health is important to human beings, it is also vital to your pet snake. Checking on the health of your corn snake will determine how long your pet will live. If not taken care of properly, your snake might suffer respiratory problems, fungal infections as well as bacterial. Bacterial infections cause inflammation in the mouth and can lead to bone infections. High humidity will cause dermatitis, which causes the snakes’ skin to peel and blistering also.  

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How Long Do Corn Snakes Live Without Food?

From my research, I found that snakes are very well known to go for long periods without food. The reason for this is their slow digestive system, and they swallow their prey in full. They will wait for the acids in their stomach to consume the food which takes time. This is the reason for the long periods without eating. So how long will corn snakes go without food? This is approximately 2 to 3 months. Shocking right? Although this is the case, you shouldn’t wait this long to feed your pet. 

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