How Big Do Beagles Get? [+ Beagle Mixes And Their Sizes]

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How big beagles do get is a common question asked by a lot of people. It concerns because the size of pets matters a lot. If you want to buy a beagle and you are not sure if the beagle is the right size for you, here is the article you are looking for. I will show you the size of beagles including the beagle mixes. We are all different and everyone has a preference. Some people will be comfortable with large sized pets while others may be unable to manage huge dogs. If the size is a big concern to you, having a puppy can mislead you because it is hard to predict how big a dog will become once it is full-grown. Let’s get down to business.

So how big do beagles get?

Beagles are small to medium size, muscular dogs. Their height can go up to 15 inches and weigh up to 22 pounds. These are the bigger brothers. The smaller ones can attain a height of between 13 and 15 inches and weigh between 18 to 20 pounds. This is the original beagle’s pack. There are beagle mixes that have different sizes. This will enable you to choose the right size you want for a pet.

Generally, the female beagle will weigh a little less than the male, and they will also be a little smaller. This has always been the case for most species.

How Big Beagles Truly Get

Often, the beagles get confused with being large dogs. This is because the beagles are supposed to be hunting dogs. With a hunting dog, the size matters a lot. Hunting dogs are huge dogs. This is where the confusion comes in. In reality, the beagles are categorized as small dogs. Here is why.

Dog sizes are divided into 3

The small dogs, medium and large dogs. Small dogs attain a height of up to 17 inches. Medium-sized dogs will get height from 18 to 22 inches while the large dogs will go to over 22 inches. At maximum, the beagles will get to a height of 15 inches which puts the under the division of small dogs. With beagles, there are two sizes, the 13 inches, and 15 inches beagles. The 13 inches will weigh from 17 to 20 pounds while the 15-inch weighs about 22 pounds. Due to their muscular physic and size, they make good hunting dogs. If this is not the right size for the dog pet you want, there are beagle mixes with different sizes. You can choose from either the one that suits your requirements.

Beagle Mixes And Their Sizes

Beagle Mixes

Due to their adorable character, people have tried to come up with different other breeds originating from the beagles. That way, there will be different size variations, health risk management, and temperament control. All these mixes have different sizes thanks to the abilities of genetics. There are various dogs with different characters from the original. Below is a list of the cross-breeds with the beagles. Let’s look at their different sizes.

Meagle (Beagle + Miniature Pinscher)

The beagle and miniature pinscher were brought together to come out with the Meagle, which is a small dog, just like their fathers. They turned out to be adorable dogs with a height of 12 to 15 inches and weighing between 10 to 22 pounds.

Borkie (Beagle + Yorkie)

The Yorkie is a small dog with a height of about 8 to 9 inches and weighing 4-7 pounds. This, together with the size of beagles, produces a Borkie with a size of 12 to 15 inches. A Borkie will weigh about 18 to 22 pounds.

Malteagle (Beagle + Maltese)

These two are also small in size with the Maltese being even smaller. Their result is an even smaller dog with a height of 12 inches. Although they are short, they can weigh as much as the small beagles. This is from 15 to 20 pounds.

Beagleman (Beagle + Doberman Pinscher)

The outcome of these two dogs is a much bigger dog, thanks to the size of the Doberman pinscher. The Doberman pinscher has a height of 24 to 28 inches and weighs 71 to 99 pounds. With this into consideration, the output is 16 to 22 inches with a weight of 25 to 45 pounds.

Jack-A-Bee (Beagle + Jack Russell Terrier)

These two dogs are similar in dimension. This, therefore, produces a mix that is just the same size as the beagle. If you are used to the beagle’s size, this is also a reasonable consideration.

Peagle (Beagle + Pekingese)

The Pekingese is a much adorable dog. Their small size of about 6 to 9 inches maximizes this. This in combination with the beagle, produces a Peagle with a size of 6 to 16 inches with a weight of about 14 to 16 pounds.

Raggle (Beagle + Rat Terrier)

Both of these dogs are medium-sized dogs. Their combination results in a surprisingly tall dog thanks to the mysteries of genetics. A rat terrier can weigh about 10 to 24 pounds with a height of 9 to 18 inches while the raggle can have a height of between 18 to 22 inches weighing at 10 to 20 pounds.

Beabull (Beagle + Bulldog)

This is an exciting combination as they have almost the same height but very different weights. Bulldogs are heavy dogs weighing at about 40-55 pounds and a height of 12-16 inches. This in combination with the beagle, produces a dog with a height of 12 to 16 inches that weighs 30 to 50 pounds.

Beagador (Beagle + Labrador)

As we know, Labradors are huge dogs. Their height is about 22 to 24 inches. Their weight should correspond to their height. They weigh about 55 to 80 pounds. The outcome of these two is a dog with a height of 19 to 24 inches and a weight of 25 to 45 pounds.

Cheagle (Beagle +Chihuahua)

Chihuahuas are tiny adorable dogs. They have a height of about 6-9 inches and weighs 3 to 7 pounds. This, together with a beagle’s genes, produces a dog with a height of 9-14 inches and a weight of 9 to 20 pounds.

Puggle (Beagle + Pug)

The puggle turns out to be more substantial than the pug itself. A pug will weigh 14-18 pounds while a puggle will weigh 18 to 30 pounds. This is after the mix with beagles.


What Age Is A Beagle Fully Grown?

You will start to see no change in the growth of a beagle at the age of 18 months. At this time, their bodies have fully developed with a compact skeletal system. They may be 13 inches, 14 or 15 and weigh between 20 to 22 pounds. The females are generally small than the males and weigh a bit less.

Do Beagle Mixes Get Their Personalities?

This dependent on every dog. Some of them will adopt the characters of the beagles while some will not. The other will get their characters from the traits of the different dog breeds. Some will take features from both species and you may find him having the urge to hunt just like the beagles.

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