Essential Oils For Dog Separation Anxiety

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Dogs are susceptible creatures, and essential oils for dog separation anxiety may be beneficial. Dogs get scared when they hear loud noises like thunderstorms, construction noises, and fireworks.

This is normal although a point reaches when the dogs’ anxiety gets alarming. This can be very dangerous as this may trigger some unusual behaviors in the dog.

The responses might not be very friendly, and this is why you should take some action. I dived in to find out some of the ways that might help to calm the dogs, and I came across essential oils.

It is very true that essential oils do help with dogs anxiety. They help calm the dog and keep them in their normal behavior. Some even help the dog sleep peacefully. They come in very handy to calm the dog. 

Treating Dog Anxiety With Essential Oils

I have seen many essential oils. Some of them are effective and safe for dogs, while others are considered unsafe. You should keep reading to know some of the best effective and safe essential oils. They are very helpful when your dogs are restless. They help relax the dog’s mind and prevent the dog from hiding, barking or trying to escape. The essential oils can be used in different ways, and you can spray the oil, drop some on the dog’s paws or diffuse in the room. You should keep in mind to consider your cat if you own one. Some of these oils are not compatible with cats.

Doterra Essential Oils For Dog Anxiety

Doterra essential oils are made to be safe when used to calm a dog. Their quality and purity are what makes them suitable for dogs. These essential oils can be sprayed or massaged on the dog’s body. They are handy when it comes to calming the dog’s anxiety.

Essential Oil Recipes For Dog Anxiety

From the research, There are very many essential oils, and each essential oil has its recipe. Here are some of the ingredients used to prepare essential oil. 

3 drop of lavender oil and 1 teaspoon of almond oil will make Easy lavender neck rub. Overwhelm reset is made by 2 drops of geranium, 2 drops of clary sage, one drop of patchouli and 1 drop of ylang-ylang.

Essential Oils For Hyper Dogs

For the case of hyper dogs that get excited due to loud noises, lavender essential oil. This can be used together with cedarwood. Together they do a perfect job of relaxing a hyper dog. Other than these, there are also other essential oils that are very good such as orange, lemon, chamomile, and roses.

Essential Oils To Calm Dogs During Storms

From most of my observations, storms do disturb dogs peace. These dogs will respond differently to the noise. To keep your dog safe, you might try essential oils for dog separation anxiety. Consider cedarwood Virginia or just ginger.

Essential Oils For Dogs

I have noticed that there are some common essential oils for dog separation anxiety that are considered safe for dogs. Some of them maybe used alone or together with other oils. They include Marjoram which calms the body and mind when a dog is nervous. Frankincense Carterii, Myrrh, Valerian which encourages peaceful sleep. All these are very good when it comes to calming dogs anxiety.

Peppermint Oil For Dog Anxiety

When the dogs get scared after hearing unusual noises, peppermint can help the dog to react less aggressively. A few drops of peppermint can be dropped on the dog’s paws. Let the dog sniff his paws while you massage his head and stomach. This will help to calm the dog when there are loud noises that scare the dog.

Essential Oils For Fearful Dogs

The fearful dogs will get terrified with loud noises. Their fear will lead the to try escaping or hide. This is not good for a dog. It is the reason why you should get valerian or lavender. They are good with fearful dogs. Check out our post on the best foods for overweight dogs.

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