Can Cats Learn Their Names?
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Some few days ago, I called my cat, and she just walked away. This left me thinking whether cats can learn their names. I am almost sure that I am not the only one who has ever thought of this, so I just posted the question on my Facebook timeline and the replies were just the same. From there, I noticed that this is a question a lot of cat owners ask themselves, so I thoroughly did my research, and today I want to share with you Cat owners what I have learned. Cats are charming and adorable creatures. I have owned a lot of cats me myself, and some of them responded differently than the others when I call.

Back to the question.

Do cats know their names but maybe don’t care? Well, from
my research, cats do know their names, and whenever you call them, they will
respond. The way they meet is what differs in the cats. Some may turn their heads to where the sound is coming from, some will lift their ears, and some will
come to where you are. Stay tuned to know how the cats learn their names and
the comparison between a cat and a dog on how they will respond to their names.

Can Cats Learn Their Names?

This is much of an answer rather than a question. Cats can learn their names, and they do know their names. From the much time I have spent with my cats, I would call them, and they will come to me. This is, however, not the case all the time. Someone told me that cats are adorable but selfish at the same time, but I would defend the cats. These days am the one telling other people the same thing. When your cat wants to stay alone, he won’t come to you no matter how much you call. He will instead find another quiet place. But if he feels like being touched, you will not need to call twice.

Do Cats Know Their Names?

A study to show if cats do know and recognize their name whenever you call them. In the first experiment, cats were to listen to their owner say four words sounding similar to their name before hearing their actual name. In the second experiment, the cats were to listen to the names of their cat siblings before hearing their names. In the third experiment, the cats were to again listen to four words that resembled their names. Experiment three was quite similar to research two, and in the fourth experiment, all the cats would listen to a stranger say four words and then their name. They found out that the cats would respond to the first words that sounded similar to their names, but they got used to the sounds and did not react with the first words. Immediately they heard their names, they all reacted in a way that showed they recognized their names. Some of the cats moved their heads, wiggled their ears and some meowing. The cats did not respond to the names of their cat siblings but responded to their names. This was proof enough that the cats were able to distinguish their names from other names. The cats can learn their names.

How Do Cats Learn Their Names?

After finding out that cats can learn their names and respond to them whenever they are called upon, the researchers from the University of Tokyo also wanted to conduct another experiment where they would teach the cats some new words relating to real objects and places. This was to find out whether the cats would learn new things just like dogs. But just like I said earlier, cats are very selfish animals. They will only come to you when in need. So, this experiment does not necessarily mean that the cats will listen to us when we want them to after training. From my thinking, I think cats are as intelligent as dogs, and they can learn new things.

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Do Cats Ever Learn Their Names?

Of course, cats learn their names. According to research, they do learn and know their names. What would probably make you think that they don’t learn their dismissive nature? A cats’ character is very different from that of a dog. A dog is submissive, and they will attend to you whenever you call upon them. I even left to believe that cats can learn new thing and objects with their names. This might be very helpful if the experiment that is to be conducted by researchers at the University of Tokyo is a success. You may be able to send you a cat, and he will respond.

Do Cats Know Their Names?

It is also funny if you think about it. Researchers are spending more time to research something that pets owners have known for ages. Cats are intelligent creatures, and they also have different ways of communicating with different people. I visited a friend of mine who lived with her partially deaf mum. They own a cat. He told me that the cat wouldn’t meow and make noises whenever she wants something from her mother. This is because the cat knows that she will not respond unless she makes contact with her face. So the cat will move in front of her to get what she wants. On the other hand, if the cat wanted something from him, she will make all sorts of noises because she knows that he will respond. This is proof enough that cats just like dogs are intelligent and they can learn their names.

Do Cats Know Their Names Like Dogs?

Cats are nowhere near to be as stupid as many people have put them to be. The cats know their names just like dogs do. This should dismiss the cats know their names as well as dogs question. What makes them different is that dogs are born to respond to their names. Cats, on the other hand, will leave you to call. They are not as obedient as dogs; they know their names but don’t care. I read an article that said that long-ago cats would spend most of their time outside and would only come in very late at night or when the weather was terrible. Nowadays, cats like to stay indoors, and with long hours of cats indoors spending time with the owner, the cats may be able to learn more and respond to our calls. This will be revolutionary.

In conclusion…

From the researches carried out about cats learning their names, and the little research that I carried out, it should be evident that cats learn, know, recognizes, and respond to their names. No matter how similar the name of the cat is to that of another cat, if you call them, they can differentiate between the two similar names. How I wish the cats would be submissive like dogs, you would love your even much more. All in all, I love my cat no matter how many times he ignores me.

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