Do Corgis Have Tails? Why Should You Dock Your Corgis?

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The Welsh Corgi is a breed of dog originating from wales. This dog gained fame because of the Queen. The Pembroke welsh corgi was her dog of choice, and she owned more than 30 corgis during her time. The dog has a unique appearance having short legs and elongated bodies, and interestingly if you are keen enough, you will notice that they do not have tails, which leads us to our discussion today. Do Corgis have tails? Stay tuned. Check our blog post about a Corgi Husky Hybrid pet.

So, do corgis have tails?

Some Pembroke Welsh corgis are naturally born with their tails short and, in some cases, without tails. It is rare, but even for those born with tails, they have to be cut to meet the breeds AKC standards. On the other hand, the cardigan welsh corgis are left to enjoy their tails. The docking of their tail depends on whether you register your dog with the AKC club. So it is not entirely impossible to find a Pembroke corgi with a tail.

Now that we know that only Pembroke welsh corgis miss a tail, let us understand why they don’t have tails.

Why Don’t Corgis Have Tails

Why Don’t Corgis Have Tails?

Not all corgis have no tails. The cardigan Welsh corgis have their tails. Only the Pembroke welsh corgi’s tail has to be cut. There are some reasons behind the docking of their tails. They include the natural bobtailed, the breed standards, and having not tails for herding.

Breed AKC standard

Like I mentioned earlier, the AKC standard requires that a Pembroke corgi should have no tail, and if naturally bobtailed, it should not be longer than 2 inches, or in short, it should not create an indentation. So, if you buy a Pembroke registered with the AKC, expect to have a docked tail. Their tails are cut when they are small puppies of about three days old. This act has been going on for so long that it has become a tradition. The procedure dates back to ancient Roman times. They believed that docking their tails would reduce the chances of the dog contracting rabies. Another reason for docking the dog’s tail is that the dogs were cattle herders.

No Tails For Herding

Herding is the main reason why the Pembroke corgi has its tail docked, which I think is unreasonable. The dogs were indeed for herding, but times have changed, and no one still uses the corgis for herding. Since their breeding was for herding, their tails had no use. Instead, they were liabilities. They assumed that since corgis are short, a cow would stomp on their tails during herding. It is still unreasonable considering the dog’s tail curls upwards. Some breeders are against the docking of their tails, and they have even tried to stop the practice of docking corgi’s tails. The other why corgis have no tails is that they are born without one.

Natural Bobtail Corgi

Although most corgis have no tails, not all are docked. Some are born without tails. They are the naturally bobtailed corgis. Some will have shorter tails than usual, and they also fall under this category. The reason behind this is a mutation. The school of veterinary of UC Davis says that the T-box gene is the reason behind the Natural bobtails. You need just one copy of the mutated T-box gene to get a bobtail. However, the length of the tail will vary depending on some other genetic factors.

Docking A Corgi’s Tail

The practice of docking a corgi’s tail should take place when the dog is still very small. It is between the second day and the seventh day.  However, the time to cut the dog’s tail will vary depending on the breeder. Some will do it on the third day while others will do it sooner and others later. Something else that changes are the cut-length. The AKC will not have it longer than 2 inches. It is the maximum length for them.

Does Tail Docking Hurt?

There have been arguments over and over about whether tail docking hurt, and I think this argument will go on for a long time. Advocates say that docking at this early stage should not be painful because the dog’s nervous system is not fully developed. On the other hand, the opposers say that just like a fully grown dog, the nervous system, whether basic or fully developed, is enough to make docking painful. It would be very alarming if they felt pain, but there is no concrete evidence of this. However, during the process, the puppies will produce shrieks, which means they feel something. But there are also cases where they cut their tails as they sleep and won’t even wake up. There have also been cases where the puppy will cry days afterward. Most pet owners are against docking their tails, and they even call the act barbaric. For this reason, the ritual I banned in some countries.

How Do You Cut A Corgi’s Tail?

The process occurs in the early stages of the dog’s life. Mostly it takes place three days after the dog is born. There are two ways in which this process is done. One is by using a rubber band. This rubber band is twisted tightly around the puppy’s tail to cut blood circulation to the tail. After some time, the tail rips off. The second and most common way is to use a pair of scissors. It is a process I would not like to witness, but all on all, the scissors are used to cut through the tendons, muscles, and nerves. This process seems painful, considering that they do not use painkillers or anesthesia.

To Dock Or Not.

Now that we know why and how they cut the corgi’s tails, should their tails be docked? If you are looking to buy a corgi and want the procedure skipped, you should purchase a dog before birth and request them to skip the process. Some breeders will decline if they are reputable. The less prominent may agree, but you should consider the reputable breeder for its long-term health of the dog. If they refuse, you should probably check in countries where the process is banned. I think the process is ridiculous, considering that corgis are not used for herding anymore.

Those are my thoughts. Now that you know about the docking of their tails, it is up to you to decide what you want. I like their fluffy tail, so I will go with keeping it no matter what. I also don’t support docking their tail.

Which Breed Of Corgi Has A Tail


Do The Queen’s Corgis Have Tails?

The Queen’s corgis have tails judging from the picture seen online. However, there is a possibility that there were other corgis that had docked tails. They say that the Queen sought for natural bobtails before the docking process was banned. Those that she had after the ban all had tails intact.

Which Breed Of Corgi Has A Tail?

The breed of a corgi that has a tail is the cardigan welsh corgi. The Pembroke welsh corgi is the breed that does not have a tail. Those that are born with a tail are cut a few days after their birth.

Do Cardigan Corgis Have Tails?

Yes. Cardigan corgis have tails. They do not suffer the ritual of tail docking. Most of the corgis that have tails are the cardigan corgis.

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