Best Dog Ball Launcher For Your Pet [Top 4 Review]

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Dogs are probably one of the best domestic pets that people keep in their homes. They are friendly, playful and easy to tame. If you have been thinking about keeping your first pet, think about dogs. They are easily assimilated to your livelihood, and of course, you will blend together. Moreover, it’s easy to keep your puppy happy.

You will need to walk or jog along with your dog, to keep them healthy. Better still, you can have more fun by playing dog ball game with them. However, sometimes we are on tight schedules and cannot find time to play with our pets. In this case, there is a variety of equipment that you could buy to keep the fun rolling on, even when you’re away. A dog ball launcher is the best equipment that will keep your dog playfully jumping around.

But which is the best dog ball launcher?

Here’s the deal; buying a dog ball launcher for your dog will give you an opportunity to save both time and energy; this way, you will have an opportunity to engage in other activities without thinking about your puppy. So let us now look at the best automatic ball launcher in the market today:

Doggy Fun Dog Ball Launcher

If you are looking for a simple, yet unique type of ball launcher, then Doggy Fun Automatic Dog Ball Launcher is the best launcher for your dog. There’s a specific aspect about this ball launcher that it uses foam balls. It can be used both indoors and outdoors without inconvenience.

Since most people have puppies, this becomes the best ball launcher for them. If it shoots directly at them, they won’t be hurt if the ball hits them. Nonetheless, there is also a DoggyFun Ball Launcher for big dogs.

iFetch Dog Ball Launcher

iFetch dog ball launcher is one of its kind. It is simple, most reliable and effective. Based on thousands of customer reviews, this becomes the best dog ball launcher in the market today.

Compared with other ball launchers, iFetch Dog Ball Launcher has the ability to throw its balls as far as 30 feet, which could be varied in three distance settings. If you want more value in your purchase, then this is the best automatic ball thrower for dogs.

PetSafe Dog Ball Launcher

This is best andPetSafe Dog Ball Launcher that comes with a couple of advanced features. The best deal about PetSafe dog ball launcher is that it is suited for all dog sizes. Unlike other launchers that use mid-sized balls, this one uses regular-sized tennis balls, thus you can find them from a local store for the replacement.

Another reason that makes this launcher the best Petsafe automatic ball launcher is that it has a motion sensor. Therefore, if there’s motion within 7 feet in front of it, it pauses for 5 seconds before shooting. Moreover, it is designed to shoot at different angles.

However, there’s one bad thing about PetSafe Dog Ball launcher. And this a 15-minutes break. Even worse, this feature cannot be activated before the 15-minutes lapses out. But this break gives your puppy some time to rest, and relax.

Max Launcher Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Max Launcher is one of its kind. It has impressive features that allow you to set how far you want to throw the balls, by adjusting its tension. Moreover, it is made of top quality material thus enhancing durability.

If there are many people in your home especially boys who will interact with your dog through the launcher, then this is the best choice for you. Its use offers an exact value for your money.

It is important to make the right choice when shopping for your dog’s ball launcher. If you go by the list above, I am sure you will have found one of the best dog ball launchers for your pet. Good Luck in your shopping…..

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