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Today we shall be looking at the best 3-gallon fish tanks out there. A three-gallon tank is among the smallest containers. They have some advantages such as they can fit anywhere and they are cheap. We are now left with the question, are they worth it? Although they are small, they do serve the purpose. For a beginner who is probably after saving some cash, this is the best option. Choosing a proper tank isn’t always a simple task, especially for beginners. They have a lot to think about. Things like is a 3-gallon tank enough? Will the fish be satisfied with the little space? So today, I will help you decide the best fish tank so stay tuned to know some cons and pros of each container.

Best 3 Gallon Fish Tanks – Overview

MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

This tank has a sleek design with rounded corners and clear glass for easy viewing no matter the viewing angle.

It also has daylight and moonlight settings to mimic the natural environment of the fish.

This tank gives you easy access thanks to the sliding glass canopy and the hinged LED rail light.

This tank is great to accentuate any space in your home or office. It is small with curved glass to bring out the beauty of the plants and fish inside. This tank is a project of a big brand, the MarineLand. They are great at what they do, and you can be assured of quality all the time. You can buy it on Amazon here, it is Amazon’s choice!


This tank has very suitable dimensions to take up very little space.

The tank has excellent lighting thanks to the built-in LED that can switch between white light and blue light. It should mimic natural sunlight and moonlight.

Come with a protective filter system that takes out all waste to keep the water clean.

The tank has a durable design thanks to the sturdy curved glass.

The tank has a modern design with a sleek finish.

The pump is eco-friendly. It does not produce unwanted noise.


This tank has a non-adjustable water flow.

Installation of new plants requires that you upgrade the lighting since they are too low.

Tetra ColorFusion Starter Aquarium Kit 3 Gallons

This tank is excellent for beginners. It is made out of quality materials and has a sleek design. This tank is easy to maintain, and it will look great wherever you place it. This tank comes with bubbler and color-changing LEDs. This tank is focused on the healthy living of your aquatic pets. Amazon’s Bestseller – buy here.


The tank is good quality and affordable

The tank will look fabulous no matter where you place it thanks to its small and sleek design.

Easy to set up.


The half-moon tank comes with a small filter, moreover, the filters will need to be renewed within a year to 1/12 yrs to keep your fish healthy.

Koller Products AquaView 3.5-Gallon Fish Tank with Power Filter & LED Lighting

This tank is an excellent option if you are looking to get an aquarium for your kids. Getting your kids an aquarium will teach them to be responsible, and this is the tank to get for them. This tank has a power filter that purifies the tank at a rate of 25 gallons per hour to ensure that it gets rid of organic pollutants, toxic gases, and keeps the water clean. It also comes with energy-efficient LED lighting and is made with impact-resistant clear plastic that will ensure excellent viewing and no leaks. It is easy to set up and will look good in any place.

It has a sleek design with LED lighting with 7 dazzling color choices. It is excellent for the office or home. It adds to the appearance of a place. The container is easy to maintain and assemble. For more look here.


The filter is quiet and is not overpowering for small fish

The tank is durable, and cats will not get through the plastic or knock over or open the lid.

The tank is big enough to include some plants and still leave enough room for the fish to swim in.


The LEDs are suitable, but the charge on the 3 AAA batteries run out fast. You have to charge at least two times weekly.

Light is not as bright. You have to keep on reprogramming the light when they turn off.

GloFish Aquarium Kit 

Glofish Aquarium 3 gallon fish tank is an excellent start for beginners. It is also great for kids. The tank is small and therefore can fit anywhere whether a kid’s room or an office. The lights on this tank will illuminate the colors of any fish you wish to keep. The tank comes with a noiseless filter to keep the water clean, a cover, and a medium filter cartridge. For more information look here.


Bright night and daylights

Easy to set up thanks to the detailed instructions

Adjustable flow for the filter


It is not a glass tank. It is out of acrylic

Heating is required if you own a tropical fish

The lid is not firm when closed, which may give access inside to some of your other pets.

Best Fish For A 3 Gallon Tank

A 3-gallon tank is a small tank which means you need to get small fish that will be comfortable. Otherwise, they will be stressed. You should also consider the number of fish you keep inside. Keep in mind that each fish needs its own space. The best option is to go for juveniles. They are small enough, but as they grow, you should get a bigger tank for them.

Some good options include the Guppies, Bettas, Zebra Danios, Neon Tetras, and the Otocinclus.

Can I Keep A Betta In A 3 Gallon Tank?

Bettas are widely kept in 3-gallon tanks. It is the best option for starters. However, this tank is not ideal for more than one betta. One male or one female will like it in a three-gallon tank. 

How Big Is A 3 Gallon Fish Tank?

A 3-gallon tank is among the smallest tanks out there. So how big is it exactly? Well, a 3-gallon tank should be around 12*8*8 inches, and this should weigh about 3 lbs. This tank can hold a few small fish and a plant and maybe some substrate.


How Many Danios Can I Put In A 3 Gallon Tank?

A 3-gallon tank is small for danios because they should be in a group of 6 and 6 is a large number for a 3 gallons tank. Six danios should have at least 10 gallons.

How Many Guppies In A 3 Gallon Tank?

Three guppies should survive in a 3 gallons tank. However, you should keep in mind that the bigger the container, the healthier they will be.

How Many Fish Can Be In A 3 Gallon Tank?

A 3-gallon tank should be enough for one fish. The rule of thumb is that you need 1 gallon for every 1 inch of fish. It, therefore, means that one betta will do well in a 3-gallon tank.

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